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Hi all

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Hi OMG a cat site hehe

me love cats

Here is a pic always without fail waits for me
at the door when I come home

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OMG - I am jealous! What beautiful cats! How old are the kittens and is the big one their momma?

Welcome to the site!
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thanx adymarie

The wee ones are about 7 weeks in the photo
but are about 8 months now and have moved on
to a newhome *weeps*

I still have the big one that's there mum Tiger
shes about 3 yrs old.
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How adorable. Is mom a munchkin?

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O aye shes a cutie a big
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Totally adorable!
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P.S. I'm really impressed with your talent . Succeeding in posting a picture while you're still a kitten!!! I'm still trying to figure it out! sigh.....
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What sweethearts! One of our moderators-members Sandie breeds Munchkins her kittens are in the lounge probably on page 4 or 5 by now. Welcome to the site
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Hi! Welcome to the site!! I am moving this to the New cats on the block forum, where new members go to introduce themselves! That way lots of people can greet you!
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Am I being a bit thick here - but what is a munchkin? Is it just a cat with short legs and a funny voice that hangs around in Oz?

Sorry I have no manners, hello and welcome Maj.
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Yes, flimflam, munchkins are a short legged breed. Click on Sandie's link to her homepage in any of her posts to learn more.
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Thanks Deb. I know nothing about "posh" cats, but I will accept this challenge to learn more.

And I look forward to seeing more of you Maj - and more pictures of your feline friends
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I just wanted to say Hi and welcome to the site! I love it hear and so will you! The kitties are so cute too!
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Hi Majestic

Nice to have you here. You kitties are lovely - it must've been so hard to part with the little sweeties.

Good to have another GBer on board.

Post more piccies soon!!
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Owweee!!! What cute lickle babies!!! Welcome to the site
By the way, there haven't ever been any munchkin breeders in the UK before, untill recently,- I can't remember now where she is, but she is the first Munchkin breeder here, but unfortunately in an article I read about her, she doesn't actually appear to know alot about the breed..... (says they can't jump... PAH just ask to see Sandies pic of one of her babes climbing a glass door!! :laughing: )
Anyways, nice to meet you!! Whereabouts in the UK are ya??
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Hi Majestic - Welcome!!!
Maybe it's my computer...but I can't see your kitty pics.
Hmmm... I'll have to check back!
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Welcome, welcome!

Great to have you and your furkids here!

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I cant get the pic...wah~

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I can't get the pic either
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