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Favourite forums on TCS

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What are your favourite forums on TCS?
I'm always finding myself going to Health & Nutrition, S.O.S, Pregnant Cats & Kitten Care, The Lounge (of course!), and sometimes I'll drop in to IMO even though I can't post there.
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Hey moz,

I haven't really been on much lately, but I like IMO the most, even though sometimes it gets a little in your face and messy LOL.

Other than that, I mostly stay in the lounge...sometimes stray to the breeders section to read up a little.

I avoid the pregnant cat and kitten care forum since my kittens died. but I appreciate over the bridge.
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I like the cat lounge the best.....and prob the signature forum also!!
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You'll see me mainly in the Cat Lounge and the IMO forums.
Occassionally I'll hit the Tech Talk, Behaviour & Health forums.
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I like the lounge the best but I will pop in elsewhere when I see something that interests me or that I can help someone else out with!
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I'm usually in the Lounge, but I do check the Health, Behavior, Kitten and Grooming thread everyday. I also venture into the IMO occasionally I mostly read, not post though and I also love the Cats & Other Animals forum, but not many people post in there. and of course with the siggy shower I've been going into the Siggy Shop a lot. I think I was on here a good 4 months before I went anywhere other than the Lounge
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I like the Lounge, though I try to read Health and Behaviour every day to learn something new. Every so often I venture into SOS and Caring for Stays and Ferals, but I can get sad and then I have to run and hide under the bed for a while (figuratively speaking of course).

I go to the Bridge forum most days too because I think it is important to be there for each other in times of grief.
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The first forum I go to when I get on TheCat Site is The Cat Lounge.
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I usually stay in the cat lounge and fur pics, but sometimes I'll post in other animals, behavior, and the welcoming forum.
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The Cat Lounge and the Signature forum!
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the cat lounge, furry pictures only, cats and other animals, and the signature forum.
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I am always in the lounge but I always check the other forums as well, such as: fur pics,pet pics, cats and other animals,SOS,and IMO.
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Pretty much everything except breeder's forum, since I won't have kittens for a long, long time.
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I'm a gossip bag in the lounge..But I usually stop by all the forums sometime throughout a 24 hour time period.
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during the school year, when i have lightning fast service, i like fur pix only. i tend to stay away from it in the summer, when i'm on dial-up i also like paws & reflect, the lounge, the signature shop - pretty much everywhere except cats & other animals, & i usually don't go to the breeders corneer, since i have moggies.
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I usually stick to The Lounge, Fur Pics, Signature Shop and Behavior - I go by Health & Nutrition a bunch too, just to read up on everything - I like IMO sometimes - but I don't post much in that forum, just lurk
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I'm most often in The Cat Lounge or browsing through Fur Pictures. I also spend time in all the other ones too though (except the Breeder's Corner) just reading and trying to learn new things.
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