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Introducing- Tiger and Scamp!

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(Wrote out a looong thing, tried to post and it said I wasn't logged in.. lost it all )

Technically, Tiger is my cat, and Scamp is my sisters. They are brothers from the same litter, and were born February 20th, 1995. I was 6 and a half, my sister was almost 4. We got them in March or April of that year from a petstore. When we got them, Tiger was so small he couldn't meow at all.. Scamp had no trouble meowing It was ear piercing, lol!
When we got them home we discovered they had fleas and diahrrea. Mom was going crazy and I still remember her and my aunt picking fleas off them in the bathroom!

We've had a few scares over the years, such as when Tiger had a blockage (intestinal, I think- I was young) I remember being terrified and VERY upset over it, because he was very sore and couldn't move. We immediately took him to the vet and he had surgery, they have both been on a special vet branded food since then, and with no other problems like that. Scamp has asthma and will (quite rarely) have attacks. We just try and hold him and pet him and keep him calm (and give him his pill as well)
The most recent thing (about a month or a bit more ago) which was AWFUL for me, was when my grandmother didn't properly secure the door when leaving (everyone else was already gone to school/work) I remember getting off the bus, seeing from the road that the door was open and just KNOWING Tiger would be out. Scamp was still in, but Tiger wasn't. I ran outside crying harder the more time went by that I couldn't find him. About 45 minutes later, I found him by our garage door, he had found his way back. (thank god!)

They lounge around sleeping a lot, Tiger loves sleeping underneath my 'butterfly chair' (will take and post a pic sometime - when its not 1:41 am, lol) under my bed, on my bed, in his little cat house, and on my sisters bed. Also standing on any windowsill in the house. Scamp loves sleeping behind the lazyboy chairs, on the living room floor where the sun streams in , and on the beds. They occasionally fight, but they cuddle and play together a lot too!

I can't wait to rescue more cats from a shelter , but my parents say no more, so I will have to wait until I have a place of my own. I am a vegetarian, and trying to become a vet! (entering university in the fall, it's very competitive to get into vet school, but that is what I want to do, so hopefully I can make it!) When I move for university, I will be close to a humane society shelter. I am planning on volunteering there, and I can't wait!! (hopefully they will want me, I only have one free day available during their hours because of classes)

sorry for the long story, lol, here are some pictures!

Tiger and Scamp cuddling on my bed

Scamp stretching out

Tiger grooming Scamp (Tiger used to get a ton of hairballs and finally I realized it was from doing this, as well as himself, as Scamp sheds a lot. So I gave Scamp a VERY thorough brushing, and I haven't seen a hairball since!)

Tiger in his cat house/bed I got him last summer

Tiger with my powerbook (getting charged up)

That's all for now, hope someone enjoyed it :p
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oh my gosh, I'm so sorry for how big those middle few pictures are! they were already in my photobucket so I just added them in, assuming they would be a smaller, more normal size! I couldn't scroll over to see the edit button for some reason, so I had to post a reply- If the size is a problem, I change them! (delete them and then reupload or something) Sorry!
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welcome tcs! your kitties are beautiful! I hope to see you around!
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thank you Miagi's_Mommy!! I can't get over how much your cat looks like mine (and that they are both named Tiger! lol!)
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!!

See you on the forums!
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Hi there, welcome to the site. Your babies are adorable, Scamp is one big boy!
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Welcome to the website - thanks for the pics!
"See" you in the Forum.

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