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A couple of questions

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first question is my kittens are 16 weeks old and every now and then i catch them on the mothers nipple....is this normal? does the mother still have milk?

another question is our queen (5 year old) who WAS an only child now has 3 others in the same house. she gets along with the kittens..plays with them and even gives them baths. when the mother cat of the kittens is near her she tends to wanna fight all the time....if she cant get along with out queen then shes out and I dont want that to happen. has anyone been through this before?

last question is when do the kittens stop waking us up at night? im losing sleep cause they play and make a lots of noises.
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You might want to try re-posting your questions on the "Pregnant Cats & Kitten Care" board. There may be more people there who can answer at least some of your questions.
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My cats are over a year old and still make lots of noise at night. We have them in a cat room (with food, water, litterbox, and a lamp) with the door closed at night, so it minimizes the noise. They don't wake me up, but I can hear them before I go to sleep trying to get out (taking flying leaps at the door and playing kitty olympics around the room). The thing is, my husband and I work all day, so it's difficult to keep them from sleeping all day - making it hard for them to sleep at night. I, too, would like to know when this is supposed to slow down. I'd like to be able to let them stay out at night eventually.
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