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High Noon

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Its high noo and 106 but, WE know how to keep cool!
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Cute pic!
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Ah, yes! Lying in an air conditioned room, but we still have our sunbeam. Who could ask for anything more?
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Oh, can I come and sit on your couch Cindy!
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If the cats and the dog get the couch does that mean you and Bill sit on the floor?
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Nah, WE get the NEW couch, in the living room!
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Everyone looks so comfortable!
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They all look so comfortable AND tired. Have they all accepted each other's presence?
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Rowdy thinks that Ike is a kitty toy. Ike lies on the floor, belly up and Rowdy straddles his throat and chews on his jowls. Ike just lays there, with Rowdy and a dumb look on his face. I'm trying to catch them at it and get a picture. Opie considers Ike to be a big, dumb klutz and its beneath his dignity, to play with him. Whenever Ike sniffs Opie's butt, Opie swats Ike and calls him a dirty name. I don't recognize the word but, I know that tone of voice.
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Cindy, My cats are Siamese, so you know they have quite a vocabulary. I always say, "Don't you use that tone of meow with me!"

I'd love to see Ike getting his jowls tortured! My collies were playthings and surrogate parents to my kittens too. It's so neat to see a little 7 lb. cat boss around a big dog, isn't it?
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If I understood "Catlish", I'd probably have to wash Opie's mouth out with soap!
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That's a great photograph! I'd write a longer message but I suddenly feel like taking a nap.

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