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A few homework vibes would be greatly appreciated!

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I screwed up-big time. My prof in my small business management class bumped up the due date on a unit exam & I missed it. I lost 50 points, and when there aren't that many assignments, that makes a big dent in your grade. So I have 69.74%...a D+. I need at least a C-(I think). So the big problem is I have a tough assignment, worth 125 points...& it is giving me a migraine! I have been working on it for weeks, & asking the prof questions, but I still don't get it!! It's an online class, I've re-read the book a thousand times, & looked at tons of examples....I'm still confsued! I'm just getting frusterated. I figured if I get 90 out of 125 points, I will have 70%...I'm good with that. I have a final exam & two 25 point exams after this, but I always ace the 25 point exams & I'm pretty sure I can do good on the final...it's just this assignment!

I have to write an executive summary, marketing plan, operational plan, and financial plan for a business I chose. I chose to own & start my own dog boarding kennel(it's been a dream of mine for a long time). I figured numbers with my parents help(they are self employed) & I'll be in the hole $1,500 the first year! Who would give me a loan then!?!? I'm calling a boarding kennel tomorrow, the only one I can think of that isn't run by a vet...to see if she will meet me while I am at the HS. I am going to see if she can offer any insight on how full her kennel usually is, how many spaces she has, & anything else she can help me on. I've got the format figured out, I just don't know for sure what a kennel license would cost, or where to call to find out, etc. I am hoping she can help me perfect my numbers. My big problem is I thought I would be 40% full year round(it owuld average out over they year), but my numbers are awfully low for that. I have re-checked them, & I *think* that a clean, well run kennel would have more occupants than 40%...or else I have too many kennels. I figured the costs for two larger kennels(double dog occupany for 2 dog families), but I don't know if they would make any money! There is someone in town who wants a kennel license, but she doesn't like me because I yelled at her for not checking her dogs for heriditary health issues, etc(she breeds).

Sorry! I ramble worse than normal when I a super nervous!
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GOOD luck!!!! with the homework

i started a coffee shop & internett cafe several years ago overseas.
I lied to the bank about why needed some extra money. We lived off the money the wife made for over a year before we started making any. how ever after the big shops and the movie place opened almost 2 years later then planned did the business take off. We now have 3 coffee shops, and soon to be 4.

i am sure you know already, most small business fail in the first 3 years. very few make money there first year. If you plan right, you can do very well, i am sure.

heeh how about getting a vet right out of school to join up with you? Then you can have both the kennel and vet service in one spot?
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Good luck ... My mind is not at all business minded .,.. sending vibes
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Oh Natalie - I remember how fun that was

I took that class 2 years ago - with Joni, right?

If you have any questions, or need some help - let me know, I remember how it goes!

Good luck hun!
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Good luck! Sounds like more than I would want to do! I am sure your will do fine with it!
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Mackenzie, sometimes I wish I had taken it on campus, but I chose online so I could save gas & go to the Humane Society instead. lol

I have been up since 6 this morning working on this dumb project. I am no farther than I was last night, I just keep deleting things & re-figuring numbers....I called the kennel lady & she isn't in yet. They'll call me when she is.
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Good luck with the assignment {{{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}}}

Assignments suck, but I think exams suck worse
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call the local anmial control or the places where you have to get your dog liscensed to find out how much a kennel liscense costs or call the humane socity and see if they know who to ask?

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Lots of good luck vibes for your assignment.
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Originally Posted by Indykitty
call the local anmial control or the places where you have to get your dog liscensed to find out how much a kennel liscense costs or call the humane socity and see if they know who to ask?

I volunteer at the HS & I know they don't know anything! I called the town's office & they told me I don't need to license through them, but need to hire an inspector, etc. Get a license basically for a livestock operation. I have to have a sanitary way of getting rid of the poo!

One thing I decided on is that all dogs need to have ID tags with the owner's name, phone #, & address. I know they need kennel cogh vaccs, rabies, & distemper, for sure.

I called the kennel lady back...apparently she never got the message. That's one big drawback! I realized I don't need as manye mployees as I though, & I don't need so many kennels! My homework is flying by now that I have some definate figures planned out! Besides that, now that I decided on 1 employee(instead of 3), I am in the positive for my first year! Now all I have to do is the boring part of re-doing all my numbers & editing/prrofreading my work & I'm done!

Now that I have some more of these numbers, things seem much more feasible.....maybe I could own a kennel someday...
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There is an article about dog kennels in the Houston Chronicle newspaper yesterday in the Business section.

I had a similar experience, although that time was self-inflicted.

Once I plagarized the entire paper on an English project to try to get myself kicked out of school. It was a very difficult time of my life. My parents were furious that I had a white boyfriend (housband now ) and I could not graduate with a double major in 2 and half years.

My prof liked me so she still gave me a C in the final grade. So that goes to show it is possible to bunce back after missing a major assignment/exam.

I ended up not finishing my biochemistry degree but I still got my genetics degree in three years.

Now they are calling me every week to see when will I graduate from my Ph.D...........GRRR.............
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