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Originally Posted by Arlyn
Oh my, another WoW player
yep, do play and on which server?
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The infamous Icedown, I mean Icecrown
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Originally Posted by Arlyn
The infamous Icedown, I mean Icecrown
dont have any on icecrown,

on elune 60 dwarf warrior & 55 gnome rogue(he is so sexy with his green hair )

on lagsong, err, i mean warsong. 60 orc shaman, 50 orc hunter and tons of other alts
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Hey there, just a newbie here, 20 year old student.
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Originally Posted by Hydroaxe
I guess I'm like Beetlejuice. Say my name to summon me, but you'll regret it. I don't post in these kinds of threads. Most people can figure it out or they know me already.
Yep! That got him to post!
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Guy! With lots of cats!
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Another Male here too

38, married 2 step kids, 4 fur kids and 1 dopey mutt plenty of fish and a big spider living about 90 mins south of the GTA on the US side of the river.

I have (had) many times when I was playing EQ where my cats causes certain doom for me and my guild.
Lots of fun trying to explain that your cat landed on the keyboard which lead to the train of mobs heading back to camp.
or just get another guild. lol

GL and welcome.
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One more for the male side.....I'm married, two children 19 and 25, six indoor cats and another one coming sometime this year.

Winter Hawk
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Hello, my name is John. Yes, there are other guys hereWelcome to the site
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Originally Posted by theimp98

yea, i hear a rumor that i am guy also lol,
38, married no kids(the wife wants, lol i am just not sure i do)
2 cats, and would get a dog if anyone stayed home long enough to be with it.
and trying to talk the wife into getting a monkey.

Oh yea, right now i am in la grange ohio.
i am not a musician sorry to say, the wife is, she loves to play and sing etc.
i much perfer to be out on the motorcycle or playing a video game,
Word of caution on getting a monkey. As with ALL exotic animals, it takes a HUGE responsibility to own them. In other words, you MUST be willing to give up the life as you know it now, for the care of this exotic pet. You MUST be willing to spend a great deal of time at home with this animal. Take it from me, I have 4 exotic cats. There are also laws that govern such ownership. There are state, county and local (city) laws. Since you live in Ohio, it is legal for you to own primates but, it may not be legal in your county and city. Most conties in Ohio are ok, but again, there are the city laws, unless you live out in the country. I am in no way saying that you should not get a primate as a pet, but please make sure you do all the research before even thinking of bringing one home. I fully support 100%, the private ownership of exotic animals, but you must be responsible and you can not make ANY mistakes. One mistake can have a devastating impact on all responsible exotic animal owners. If you want to do the research on primates, I can give you places to start You can email me or PM me. My name is John.
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Originally Posted by darincm
ah...good ole WOW. I had to give that up - it really does take up your life
I loove WOW! Me & the man totally play together when we get the time alone. He's a guild leader..Frozen Wrath. Horde.
I havent played in a while because my computer needs more memory.
Everytime I walk into a town..My chic just runs into walls. It's actually very sad. We have 2 computers, and we watch myself run around like crazy, but on my looks as if I'm just going straight.
I have no idea what server we're on. (the man is the brains with all my equipment, and account info.)
I was (is it called) Alliance..But he's real far into into the horde now, so I'm making a character in the Horde part so we can play together again. Plus-I'll be the Guild Leaders girlfriend..and you dont mess with that.
He made his own Guild Website, it totally rocks. Plus we've got Ventrillo, that helps with Raids, Instances & what not.
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It would seem that there are more guys there then even i Thought .

lol Yea my cat has caused a few wipes in wow, how a few people find it funny that my cat caused a 40 man raid to die once, some did not hehe, Yea we also use vent,
right now we are in the process of rebuilding the guild so that we get back to the 40 man raid stuff, for a video game sometimes it is more work then work!!!!!!

Thanks for the offer of help john. I have spent a lot of time reading up on them, along with seeing my SO brother with his that he has,. That is both family pet(which is a house hold with 3 cats and dog also) and that is used in his magic show. I wont be getting one how i am still in ohio. I keep hoping i will win my court case so i can get my business visa back, so the whole clan can move back to indoniesa.
right now, moving me, the wife(for some reason the wife seems to think she needs to take the whole kitchen and all of her colthes also ) , my new motorcycle 6 computers, and 2 cats is enough. with out moving the monkey also.
by the way those are some cool pic of the bobcat, i have seen a couple in the woods before, and once even saw mt. lion hehe they are sooo cool looking(of course we kept a eye on it)

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It's good to have some more chaps on board
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Originally Posted by MikeAnderson
I actually met my wife on a cat forum -- in particular, the rec.pets.cats section of the old Usenet. We've been married seven years now, with three (now two) cats. So these things have a way of working out.
Are you a real guy, Mike? Nobody can be THAT perfect. I think you are a figment of your own imagination, much like the Galofie you so famously expouse.
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Originally Posted by gemlady
I've noticed Ryan hasn't posted here, yet. Maybe he's not a man?
.....oh Jannie, you´re the Death!..
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wow we have to many males on here lol. This makes me more addicted to get Troy to join i think i'm pushing it though it took alot just to get him to make 3 steps in the Bath & Body in the mall hehe.

Were not even married lol, woOt wOot. I guess spread the joy nice to have guys actually express there self enough to join kitty forums you must be so proud .
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Thread Starter 
Cat & RPG lovers....nice combo I gave up WOW a few weeks ago. I needed a break - that game is to easy to lose yourself in
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