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My kitty is being a moody girl today. All weekend she was either mellow, playful, or loving. Today - no. Meowing, and if I go to give her the usual scritches and lovvies, she starts clawing and runs. She is back to hiding under things more than she has been. She has been little miss cranky pants today. She doesn't seem sick, but she does seem irritable. We are having a heatwave but the air conditioning is on and she should be comfortable.

I am consoling myself by believing it is a "growth spurt(sp?)"..one of those "teenage" cat phases.

Do cats have moods? I wonder what sets them off?
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I think cats can have moods. I know my Nathan sometimes gets grouchy with me. The only thing I would say, though, is that you keep an eye on her and make sure this doesn't continue, because if it does, it could be a sign that she isn't feeling well.
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