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I think it was called heartguard..
When I took Squiggles to the vet today, being that it was her first time there...They gave her a cat package, didnt include much, trust me..
But there was a pill for heartguard. What is it for?

They should have told me there, but they are now closed , so I was just curious..

It looks like a pill they gave my cats, at the other vet office,...But thats when I first took her in. Still alittle clueless on cats i guess

I read it but it doesnt clear up my questions, even says something about worming???
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I've heard of it as a heartworm preventative for dogs. Apparently they make it for cats to. I've started using Revolution. For me it's an easy all in one, heartworm preventative, dewormer for common intestinal parasites, and a flea preventative.
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Heartguard is the brand of heartworm preventative. It comes in both dog and cat formulas. It will help prevent heartworm disease NOT treat it. I use it for the cats and the dog.
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Like the other posters said, Heartgard is used for the prevention of Heartworms and it also helps treat and prevent hookworms. We recommend Revolution a lot more than heartgard because a lot of cats won't eat the hg pill and revolution also takes care of fleas, ear mites, rounds, hooks, and prevents the heartworm. It's a topical liquid that is applied once a month.
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Heargard will also "treat" heartworm in the sense that it kills heartworms. But it's very dangerous for the cat to kill a mature heartworm. That's why it's supposed to be used as a preventative, and that's why it's still available only from vets or by prescription. If a cat already has heartworm, DON'T give it Heartgard. (I don't think this precaution applies to dogs, but I don't know that for sure.) If you suspect that a cat has been exposed to heartworms (mosquito bites), then it can be given after, but only before the heartworm matures, which takes about six months.

(that info is per my vet; I don't know if the manufacturer recommends doing it that way.)
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How do you get a cat to eat the heartgard? Even my little piglet who will eat anything, won't eat it. I crush it up in food and sometimes they eat it that way, but tonight my little fuss kitty turned her delicate little nose up and said no way! How important is it anyway for indoor cats to have the heartgard?
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I suppose if a cat never goes out; if a mosquito never gets in the house -- then it does no good.

Mellie doesn't eat her Heartgard, either. I break it in three pieces and make her swallow each piece: hold head up, open mouth, place on back of toungue, close mouth, stroke throat to encourage swallowing. To make sure it's been swallowed, I squirt a little water into her mouth; that forces her to swallow. Pretty much the same routine as giving a pill.
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