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My newest member of the family "Bella" always headbutts. But when I try to hold her, pet her , etc...She leaves the area...She just wants to headbutt, into my face, arms, etc...

Is this her way of showing love, or is she trying to tell me something??
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I think it is a sign of affection - don't cats rub their heads against you to mark you with their scent and make you "theirs"? Maybe once your cat has marked you enough you can start with the petting etc. It might take a little while, but I do think kitty is showing affection on her terms and will eventually accept affection from you in other ways.

I wish my kitty would head butt - I get my legs rubbed lightly, but no head butts yet...
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Originally Posted by Forget-Me-Not
I think it is a sign of affection - don't cats rub their heads against you to mark you with their scent and make you "theirs"?
Yes. Pudge headbutts me a few times a day, but most agressively when I've just taken a shower.
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Anya does it after we come home from work, but most aggressively right after she wakes up. My husband and I encourage it and cuddle with her and head-butt her right back. She just loves it and turns into a little purr pot.

She's not real lovey dovey other times though so I wouldn't worry about it. She'll get in our laps or perch on our shoulders sometimes, but she's a kitty that usually prefers just to be nearby.
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Oscar does that too! While preparing his food, and during the morning. This sleep-deprived catmomma is happy to know I am "his".
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Rikki headbutts all the time. when i'm pouring food into the dishes, he always manages to sneak around and headbutt my hand so i spill most of it. when i put my hand out to pet him, he smashes his head into my hand. when i put my face by his for a kiss or cuddle...headbutt. with Rikki it's totally a sign of affection.
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mine does right after i get home from work in the morning,
but she does it sitting on the desk, i hold out my hand to her and she spends the next 5 min rubbing her head on my hand.

hehe how she does that i get the brush out and brush her
then that leads to trying to eat the brush,, which leads into chase me around the house, game,,,, every morning
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Neo always does it when I'm doing my homework at the piano. It's gotten to the point where if I want love from him, I just have to sit at the piano for a little while. Sapphire does it, but rarely.
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Headbutts mean "I love you".
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It depends.

Cats typically greet each other with butting heads. However we're bigger than they are so they will greet us with full body rubs instead, and if they are up high enough with some head butts.

However, if they are using the sides of their face to rub against you, they are marking territory with their scent glands. If they butt you with the front of their face or the top of their head, that is a sign of love and affection for you.
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my maine coon headbutts. i can tell if he's in the mood to be petted: if i hold out my hand and he headbutts it, i know he wants affection.

he's also the owningest cat i've ever had. when he's happy, he rubs the side of his head aginast anything that's around -- a cardboard box, furniture, me, really anything that will hold still long enough.

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Fergus head-butts majorly. While sitting on my lap, he'll butt my face and chin with the top of his head...I find it very sweet. He's all dreamy and sappy while he's doing it...he's a big lover.
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Our Angel head-butts the most of our cats, she even head-butts or 75lb dog till the dog gives her a lick.
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My calico headbutts which is surprising because she is the cranky one. She headbutts us and the dogs all the time but she never does it to the other cats.

I seen her headbutt one of the kittens the other day and I was in pure shock. I think the kitten is now either blessed or cursed
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my siamese cat is a headbutter. it's the kitty sign of love. enjoy.

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My Nermal loves to headbutt. He'll rub his head into your hand any time he wants attention. If you don't pay attention to him, he'll walk up and put a paw or 2 on your cheeks and headbutt you right in the nose. He also like to do this in the morning an hour or 2 before I have to get up. It's to cute to get upset though. My other cat gives full body hugs when she's being affectionate and will headbutt you a little on the way by but nothing like Nermal.
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that is so cute!!!!
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