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about my boy snoopy

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adopted july 9th 2003 at age 13
died one year two months and two day later on sept 11 2004
i miss you so much!!
from yer mum

Dedicated to my sweet boy Snoopy, a blind, deaf, diabetic kitty who made napping an art form.

What I learned from an old shelter cat
(my dreamer Snoopy)

Keep your heart open for when love comes your way.

Live in the moment. Cherish every day.

Time only moves forward, and flies by so fast,

so don't carry the burdens and wounds of the past.

If you recieve comfort in big things or small,

accept it, be grateful, enjoy it. thats all.

Be bold and be brave and you'll have no regrets

but most of all, take all the naps you can get!
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How wonderful of you to give this sweet boy the best one year, two months, and two days of his life.

Snoopy is in a place where he sees the sun and flowers, hears the birds singing, and eats whatever he wants to his heart's content.
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Bless his little heart Snoopy will be showing all the other kitties, especially the kittens where the best spots are under the trees to have their afternoon naps
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Snoopy you were a blessed cat. Rest in peace you sweet kitty. I am so sorry for your loss. You must be a really special person to have given this cat so much love and such a wonderful home for the last days of his life. Hugs to you and God grant you peace in your heart.
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Rest in peace Snoopy, where naps are never disturbed.
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if you want to see photos there is a album devoted to him at

the captions tell more of his story too
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What a beautiful tribute. Rest in Peace Snoopy.
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Those pictures are very beautiful, thank you for sharing them and his story.
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Snoopy must have been very special to have found a person like yourself who took such good care of him and showered him with lots of love. Know that Snoopy is napping and dreaming happily over the bridge and I hope that you find peace during this difficult time.
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Condolences on the loss of Snoopy. Every kitty deserves a loving home. Thank you for providing a place in your home and heart for dear Snoopy!
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thank you
he was a very very specail cat!!
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such a beautiful tribute thankyou for sharing this with us

RIP darling boy
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i think about him every day and know i will never stop missing him

he and i were so in tune with each other...
and he was just such a responsive cat.

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How wonderful that you adopted an older kitty that needed your love and care. He is playing and seeing just fine now at The Bridge .
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Thank you for sharing Snoopy with us. His album brought a tear to my eye. What a special cat. May he play free at the Rainbow Bridge.

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thank you for taking the time to look thru his album

it makes missing him a bit more bearable to share him this way

so wish you could have seen him in real life- he was truly one of a kind
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