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I need your prayers...

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For all you religious folks out there, I need some major prayers. My boyfriend doesn't believe in God and I have prayed for him the past four years we have been together. A major opportunity is coming up at my church where an evangelist named Ken Freeman is coming on August 18-20. I just asked my boyfriend if he would go for me, and he said no. I need you all to pray for him that he will change his mind. More importantly that he will become a Christian. Thanks to everyone that will pray for him.
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Oh, it must be so hard that you 2 have differing religious beleifs. I have no advice for you, but I truly hope you can make it work. I know it must be really hard.
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When I first started dating my husband I was not a Christian, and he was. I was pretty standoffish about religion, because I had had so many negative experiences with Christians and with church. I can honestly say that probably the last thing you want to to is take him to a revival or a speech by an evangelist. I managed to be surrounded by a lot of loving, kind, generous Christians, my husband included. Eventually I started thinking about faith again and redeveloped a relationship with Christ. If anyone attempted to evangelize me I ran about as far as I could go. It was through witnessing the kind and selfless actions of good Christian people that I learned Christianity could be different from the kind I grew up with. I wouldn't try to force it on him, otherwise it would probably be a fake response, something to please you. It can take time, and a lot of patience on your part. The good thing is that he is dating you! That has to be a good sign. Any person totally anti-Christian would not date a Christian. You two will be in my prayers.
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Sending a prayer your way
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Lots of good vibes coming your way......
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Me and my boyfriend of 3 and a half years are the same way. I am Christian while he is not. It is never an issue with us, however. I do not force him to anything he doesn't want to do when it comes to religion. My dad does sermons at my church and he would attend those when we lived closer. It interests him. He supports my beliefs and knows how I feel about it. We even agreed that when we have kids that we will raise them to go to church as I did when I was little. You have to compromise in relationships and choose your battles. This is one of those things that you may have to let go. It's not worth your relationship, is it? Please don't force him to do something that he truly does not want to do. But you are definately in my prayers. I know how frustrating it can be......
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I do not force him in any way. I rarely even speak of it. But, I love him sooo much that it breaks my heart that he doesn't believe. I accept him the way he is though. Don't get me wrong. Michael and I are planning to spend the rest of our lives together. He is my life. In no way will this ever affect our relationship. Of course I would want him to believe though. Why wouldn't a Christian want people they love to believe in God?
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Your stress is understandable...I will pray for you BF but I also know how important it is to let others find their own way, maybe he just isn't ready at this point in his life.
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sending LOTS of good vibes your way!
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Keep praying for him. God is working in him through you. Prayers that he becomes a Christian soon.
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