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That was so close.

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I think fate likes to torture me. It's really not fair.

I have been single for 2 years now and I have learned to be really happy by myself, for the most part. I do feel lonely at times but usually not to the point of making me unhappy. I have my life on track and things couldn't be better.

Ever since I broke up with my ex, I had been having harmless crushes on different people. Which is fun. I'd usually have crushes on more than one guy at a time so if one of them gives me a sign of not being so great, it didn't matter, I'd just focus on another one. Plus I wasn't really serious about any of them anyways.

Then that guy came along. At first I had yet another innocent crush on him, until I actually got to know him.
I started thinking only about him, loosing interest in other guys and always looking forward to the next time I got to see him. When summer came, we stopped having classes together and therefore stopped seeing him. It broke my heart at first but after a few weeks, I was alright. I thought about him a lot, still had no interest in other guys and really looked forward to seeing him again in the fall... but I wasn't sad. Things were fine again.

Until today. I was at a photocopy shop near the university when I saw him walking towards the university. He didn't see me and I couldn't get his attention (unless I ran out of the store screaming his name ). After that, I spent a few more hours at the university, basically finding any excuses to wander around trying to "accidently" run into him.

no luck.

It's so unfair. I hate what my feelings for him have done to me. I wish I could just forget about him. I like having control over my own feelings and over my life... now I feel like I don't have control anymore.

Love stinks.

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Awww... honey. It's okay. The love of your life will pop up in the most unusual way I promise. Mine was my movie, beer and cigarette delivery driver. I didn't even notice he was there until he asked me out.
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Did you talk to him at all during class? Guys like it when you approach them. Or do you just not want to date...i.e. concentrate, get your studies done and over with then think about future plans?

Anyhoo, yea I did what you're doing in college. Well, sort of...I was always the "good buddy". Anyhoo I went through a couple of long non-dating streaks and towards the end I was going crazy for affection. Luckily though I had a friend that was in the same rut with me.

We quickly resolved our "non-dating" dilema by bringing Big Blow Pops to class and sucking on them during class. That caught a few eyes or two.
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Originally Posted by lunasmom
Did you talk to him at all during class? Guys like it when you approach them. Or do you just not want to date...i.e. concentrate, get your studies done and over with then think about future plans?
Yes, by the end of the last semester, we would talk before each class we had together. He always seemed happy to see me too.

I'm not really looking to date, but I feel like I need to at least give it a try with him, if I ever get the chance. If it works out, that's great but if not, I just want to get it over with and get this crush (or love) out of my system.

Most likely, I wont see him until September now.
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Sorry to hear you are going through this tortune Marie. If it is meant to be I'm sure you will bump into him again before the summer is out....or you never know, maybe another (maybe even better) man will come into your life
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Well, if you still have these feelings, then I have a feeling you'll see him again
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Awwww,....i am sorry, if it is meant to be, then it will happen.
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guys are over rated, get a cat oh wait, hmmm
just kidding,.

the best long term gf and stuff i had where things that just took place,
No crush i ever had worked out very well, i dated one lady from the internet for 5 years
and only cause she kicked me into coming to meet her did i go.

Same with my wife, we had been interent friends for 4 years before i finally went to see her. So really relax do those things you enjoy doing and in time the right guy will come along.

oh yea, since you already know him a little, ask him for coffee or something.
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I had a crush on my husband for 5 years before we even started dating...so my advice is to just try to focus on other things in the meantime!
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