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dog or cat?

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What do you like??
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What about other? I like both Kittens & puppies!
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I dont know how to edit it.
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Kittens and cats, of course!
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I prefer adult cats, and the way kittens look.
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Horses are my fav, but it doesn't mean I would trade Cody for a horse, LOL! Coming in at 2nd is Cats-much less work than kittens! Even if kittens are fun to play with, they can also be a total handful, expecially with their VERY short attention span, LOL! Buuuut I have cat's and kittens, and no I don't love my kittens any less than my cats, in fact the kittens get more atention then my cats-because kittens need more attention (filling water up that's been tipped over-cleaning up messes-making sure they arn't getting into anything, etc)
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I like them all, but kittens and cats are my favorite.
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I like them all.
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I like adult cats & adult dogs....the whole puppy/kitten thing isn't fun. You have to get them fixed, housetrain them, train them in general...it's so much easier to adopt an "old timer" from a shelter than a cute little baby everyone loves...
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We had a dog for 9 years to the day. Pebbles was a great dog, very mellow and calm in her older years, but an endless amount of funny stories and memories from her days as a puppy. Limerick my lovely kitten, well he's 2, has done the same thing for me.

Just like Pebbles, Limerick greets me at the door, begs for attention and loves our time together. Although for Limerick that means sleeping in my lap while I work on homework and what not, while Pebbles just would lay at on the floor next to the couch. How can nayone choose between the two?
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