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I need info on FeLV

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I desperately need to know how accurate the "quick test" for FeLV is. I believe this test done by the vet at her office is an ELISA.

Are there things that can cause a false positive test?

Is the IFA blood test more specific? This one is sent out to a laboratory.

Please Help!!!!
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It depends on the age of the cat with the ELISA test. If we are talking about a kitten, they should re test in a month. Kittens can test positive and then negative a month down the road. The ELISA test on adults is accurate. They can also send blood off to a lab and have it tested as well. What happened Abi?
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The IFA test is very specific. It is a confirmation of the quick test that comes back positive. I raised two feline leukemia positive kitties from birth. They lived to be one and a half and two years old. How old is your cat?
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Dear Abi,
I have no idea about this test...I had a cat that lived with that for 7 years...yep...so, I really don't know what to tell you; just pray...keep an eye on your baby's behaviour. That's what I did.. My vet's partner wanted me to put him down and I saw that Zappa was stressed out by his eye. My vet performed a procedure that took care of that. He lived another 5 years ... a very happy 5 years before he got sick. You'll be in my prayers as well as your kitty.
God Bless You & Yours
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Thank you, everyone, for your wishes and prayers. This has been a very trying time. (I also badly hurt my leg in a serious car accident!)

My "girls" are 4 years old and are sisters from the same litter. I bred the mother, Tristan to a tom who had a good bill of health. He did stud many other kittens, all are healthy.

I obtained Tristan from a vet in Pennsylvania who gave her the first vaccinations. Tristan is well and now 10 years old.

My girls and their mom are indoor cats, and did not have contact with other cats by their own desire (snobby and terratorial). Only the breeding encounters.

I am perplexed about where FeLV possibly came from (if its true). They have been vaccinated against FeLV along with other routine shots.

The cat that who had the + FeLV elisa originally was brought to the vet for gingivitis. (This malady is common among Somalis).
Her blood work, CBC w/diff, LFTs, chem 7, albumin were all normal. She is eating, doing poops and peeps in the litter box, and is very animated.

I discussed the situation with a vet friend who said the ELISA has a 40% false positive rate. He heard a lecture from the man who created the test. My friend said I should get IFA. I will do that next week.

The mystery continues. Thanks for all your support
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I pray the IFA test is negative. If it is positive, please have the sister tested too, and any babies she has had. FeLV can be transmitted through saliva and from mother to kittens during pregnancy. I'll pray for your baby!
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Dear Abi,

You poor baby! You're going through quite an ordeal over there...I'll keep you in my prayers...we all need prayer. It soothes the soul and sounds like you're in desperate need for that right now...Just remember the people here really care
God Bless You & Yours,
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I hope everything comes out okay for you. If the IFA test comes back okay, then it was just a scare. I am going to keep my fingers crossed for you. Let us know when you find out.
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I'll let you know. The blood will be drawn next wed, then sent to the lab. Thanks for all your help. ABI
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I have wonderful news. Ariel tested negative for FeLV by the IFA blood test!

This was terrifying, but only a scare. It makes one appreciate all the more how much our kittys mean to us. Also how much your prayers and wishes helped.

Oh, the lessons of life! ABI
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Dearest Abi,

Your news brought tears to my eyes!!! I'm so happy for you!
You've been blessed so richly!
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I am very happy it came back okay. Thank goodness it was just a scare!!
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I am very happy for you and your sweet kitty!!
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