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Sick Kitten

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I have a kitten that is very weak. She can't even hold her own head up. She can roll from side to side. Also, her belly looks like lack of nutrition but we feed her milk replacement every time she wakes up. She was doing fine with pudding looking poop and peaing fine, but then recent she's been having diaherra. Do you think that her abdomen wall musculature isn't developed very well. It looks that her butthole is swollen or something, because it sticks out. whenever she poops or peas it seems that it a lot. Finally, it looks like that her fur is in patches of health and unhealthy hair. Thank you for your time!
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Please take kitty to a vet ASAP like today
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I have to agree with Sharky. This little kitty needs to see a vet today!
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My goodness, how long has she been sick like that? This kitty needs a vet ASAP - let's hope it's not too late already.
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What they said! Get this little furbaby to the vet asap
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Kittens can die quickly when sick - this one may not survive. Get her to a vet pronto.
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