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Vadar's cat  

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The other topic is closed but I just wanted to say I hope you get your cat back Vadar before a cruel person or predatory animal gets your cat and the pregnant stray as well. My cat fergus is very, very timid (just his personality) but I can still manage to pick him up if absolutely necessary (he's indoors). I think you have to risk scaring you cat to bring it inside where it belongs and where it's safe. I would rather have a scared cat then a deceased one and I'm sure you would too. Sometimes getting scratched or bit is just part of the territory when you're dealing with a timid cat but you'll find that the cuts and bruises you may aquire are worth it since you know your cat will be safe from any harm. I would catch your cat by any means possible while you still have the chance. Surely, your parents could go out of their way a bit for you to get a trap? Anyway, I'll zip my lips! Good luck!

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I'm not trying to start anything, but I'm glad that Hissy closed the thread ....... Everyone has given Vader advice, and it seems she isn't wanting to take the advice. Enough said from me ........ I, too, hope you are able to catch her.
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