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does this sound right for weights for 3 day old kittens? I bought a scale at work, its for food, but goes up to 5 lbs.

Runt (male) - 140grams = 4.5 oz

female calico - 180 grams = 7 oz

male#1 - 180 grams = 7 oz

male #2 - 200 grams = 8 oz
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i just googled weights, and they say 7 oz for 2 WEEK old kittens, do i have giants or what? lol
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I had big babies too. I was a little worried but I think as long as they are stedily gaining there shouldn't be any concern.

At 3 weeks my babies now weigh around 15oz each or 425g.
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could it be cause the male she mated with was HUGE? he was a American Bobtail, but he was the size of a small dog,lol
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i presumed it was cause the daddy was big and because she didnt have a large litter. There were only 4 kittens so they had more space to grow.

At 3 weeks mine are now fat little balls of furr. They are so cute. Lol I must take some more pics. I cant believe how much they change and grow in a matter of days.
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