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Taking Surveys for Money

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What do you think of this? Has anyone ever tried it? All you need is a computer. I'm trying to make some extra money, but would like to hear from anyone who knows anything about it.
All input/opinions are welcome.
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Yeah, I'm curious myself, being a stay-at-home mom and all.
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Unfortunately I think a lot of them are scams to get your personal information or money from you (i.e. you have to send a little money, and you're supposed to get a lot of money in return). I think I tried one once, but they wanted too much information about me, so I stopped. If they're not scams, there might be some other catch. I might just be acting overly cautious though. Has anyone had success with any of these?
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I've looked into them and the ones that don't ask for some sort of up-front money typically don't pay you money. You earn points. Something like 50 per survey and then 10000 points equals $5 or something equally ridiculous. Mostly they will pay you in product (I'm sure from those requesting the surveys.) That's just the ones I've found. I wish it wasn't too good to be true, because I's like doing surveys for some extra $$$ being a stay-at-home-mom, as well.
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I am with a lot of survey sites, but they pretty much only "pay" in points that you can redeem for merchandise. And it takes quite a while to get enough points to get something really nice.

I would not suggest that anyone do these unless you just enjoy being opinionated. The rewards are there, but it isn't enough to justify doing it unless you just enjoy it. And I would be really wary of any place that purports to pay you enough to make it worthwhile - my money would be on scams with those!
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I joined MySurvey.com I do surveys and they send me items in the mail to try as well. So far I have gotten tator tots, coffee and soap. It is not a get rich scheme by any means. I get points for each survey but you need to collect at least 1000 points for your first $10 or you can save them for merchandise. I have been part of it for at least three years now and I only cashed in for $80 last Christmas because I really needed the extra $$ for presents.

Most surveys are 10 to 20 points so it takes quite a while to get any points added up. Sometimes they start a survey for 10 points and then after several questions they ask if you are willing to take a more extended survey for like 40 or 50 points and how much time it will take.

They give you a questionaire at the beginiing to see what items your household uses and ages of people in the home, pets, cars etc.

It is the only one I do though so I am not sure about any of the others.
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Thanks for the input everyone. I wasn't to comfortable with all of the personal questions either. I think i'll look into something else.
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I'm with a survey company A friend here in the UK does a few and she sent me the link.


They never asked any personal details because i'm very wary when it comes to that, and i've banked about 4-5 cheques from them

These sometimes send you things to try out such as hair remover and ask you to fill the questionaire in and send back, along with asking you questions online about a well known brand of moisturiser or cereal.
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Thanks, I will try them.
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My fiance tried surveys when he lost his job. Most of them we have gone to just want you to pay to try a trial of something or sign up for something etc... Or you end up not qualifying. It's a hoax, please be careful!
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