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Does your cat eat better than you?

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I read the labels on Abby's food, and have fairly high standards on what she gets fed, as do many other TCS members.

Do you have the same standards for your own food? A small organic, all natural food store opened in the area, and I browsed the aisles this morning and it got me thinking.

I think Abby eats better than we do sometimes I have been making an effort to eat more non-processed foods. To do so costs more in money and time, so that's not feasible for everyone.

I'm just really curious who eats healthier, you or your cat?
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Dori eats healthier than I do
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Probably the kitty... although she is a little salt hound... if hubby pulls out a bag of sunflower seeds, she tries to stick her nose in the bag to lick the salt off the inside of the bag...

And she does get "junk" food now & then... her treats, and she bats those big black eyes at daddy & he'll give her anything. Last night she was licking salt & vinegar potato chips, she wouldn't rest until he gave her a small piece... she licked it, shook her head, then decided she liked it and licked away!
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I am more picky about Dexter & Sadie's food than mine.
They have trained me well.
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oh definitely the cats! If I paid as much attention to whats in the food I ingest, I know I would much healthier, if not at least skinnier
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They get real shirmp in some of their food. I don't get it as often. Cats win this one.
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Lukas definitely eats better than I do-he's on a prescription diet with a treat once in awhile-takes forever to make sure ingredients in treat food are ok for him per vet recommendations-
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Most definitely my girls! I'd starve to death living in a box before I'd allow my girlies to go without! Their food has to be Innova, and their treat cans of wet food are generally either California Natural, Wellness or Merrick, all high quality lines imo. Their dry treats generally come from Pat's store and include Wildside Salmon and Grandma Lucy's Mahi-Mahi, along with their daily bonito treat that comes from the Oriental Market.

For Serenity's Birthday, my girlies had freshly caught Mahi-Mahi, the most expensive they offered, from the seafood market down the road, and being Sierra's favorite, this will also be on the menu for her Birthday next week. Especially with the recent tight budget, I wouldn't consider going out to get myself a meal like this and have been getting most of my fruits and veggies from the produce stand or marked down rack at the store. I'd never, ever even think of getting my Sierra and Serenity food from a reduced price rack. They definitely eat better than their Mommy.

Another thought we all may find true is how we never let our babies skip a meal or feed them junk because we're in a rush. I'd bet most of us couldn't say that about our own diet!
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The wee poofy lass eats better than I do, but not by much.
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I have to eat half decent due to allergies ... but by far the girls and evan the fish eat better ... I totalled the three four legs budget for food and mine and they cost about double what I do
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my cats eat much better than i do

my only way to rectify this these days is for me to eat a LOT less but only eat very healthy things

i have lost a LOT of weight, too fast unfortuanltey and did not exercise so i am fllabbby
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OOOH Karen!

Did this thread come at a good time or what!

I have no job, so no money. SO, i had to buy cheap tonight for dinner.

Jordan got the .89 cent box of spaghetti and 1.35 jar of spaghettie sauce!

The kitties (since I am out of wet food currently) got two cans of Albacore tuna at close to $2.00 a can!!!

SO tonight, the cats cost more to feed than ourselves!!!

On a normal night kitties get Natural Balance Venison and Pea, dry free fed. At night, they get a can to share of NB wet in a variety of flavors to go along with the dry.

I can afford this because my DBF mother just sent me a $100 petsmart gift card in order to get us through this bad time. She is so thoughtful. I don't know what I, or our kitties, would do without her.

So, even though the kitties don't cost TOO Much to feed, they still eat a MUCH better diet than we do.
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Hmmm, Trout eats gross food, I love human food. I would die if I had to eat cat food
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If I could get my girls to eat the premium stuff, they'd eat like Queens, but they turn their sweet little noses up at all of it -- every brand! However, they're healthy and active and happy, so I try not to obsess about it -- even though every so often I do take another crack at convincing them

If I ever get them converted, it'll be a pretty even contest, because I do try to feed the humans only the best -- that which is not "from scratch" has its ingredients list thoroughly scrutinized, and had better all be pronounceable. Not to say that we don't indulge our appetite for junk from time to time, but it's not anything like a daily occurrence, nor do we substitute junk for a real meal -- more likely a quick sandwich now and we'll grab a bite later.

Hmmm...better start thinking about dinner...
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Fran, Abby doesn't eat the best food out there. She also turns her little nose up at at. She does eat a wet food that has no by-products. That is the compromise we have reached.

Believe me, I give into the "junk" cravings myself.
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what is considered a good cat food?

i wish i had never given my guys FF

now that is all they will eat!!!!!!!!!
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I feed my cats Pro Plan both wet and dry. The vet told me a long time ago that Rocket has a mild allergy to chicken so we look for cat foods that have little or no chicken in them and so far, Pro Plan is the only one we've found that all the cats will eat.
I always told honey that the cats will eat before I do if it ever came down to it.
So I'd have to say, yes the cats eat better then I do because they will always eat if something happened and we didn't have enough money to feed both us and the cats. (Hopefully that's never going to happen though. Thank goodness for credit cards to fall back on if absolutely needed.)
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i agree, i will always make sure my kitties have food but if need be, i will cut back and eat less
with food pantries and soup kitchens its generally not necessary to go without food altogether
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I fed my cats Drs. Foster and Smith food, which is about $4 a pound.

I can't remember the last time I ate something that was $4 a pound. LOL.
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The z-ster eats better than I do, because like so many of y'all I am strapped. When I go to the store, I buy her like, the entire inventory of her wet food (not kidding). So when I can't go to the grocery, I'm stuck eating croutons and random stuff I find leftover in the freezer for weeks while she gets her same old food every day.

One thing I do for my health though, is take those Viactiv calcium chocolates chewy things. Not only are they delicious, but they prevent osteoporosis and such! Yay for me! I seriously recommend them for any women out there, especially in their 20s because we tend to have terrible eating habits and that's when bone loss actually begins.

Costwise, I guess I eat more expensive, but I can't imagine a food for one kitty that would cost more than 200$ a month! I think I spend about 30$ a month on her food. More than that on me, of course.
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yes lol!
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