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Runt Question

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the runt that was born first is still a tad tiny. i forgot to get a scale, so not quite sure of there weight, but he is 1/2 the size of the others. hes eating fine, and eliminating. was wondering if i should supplement him with the KMR?? Just seems the others are growing faster, there double there birthsize, and he isnt.
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The runt in my litter was also about half the size of the other kittens, but she was the one with the most spunk (still is). I didn't use any KMR, I tried, but she really wanted nothing to do with it, so I just let her be. They are 15 weeks old now and she is still smaller than everyone else, but not so noticeable. In my experience, they eventually catch up and as long as she is eating, and eliminating, and gaining weight she should be just fine, but that's just my opinion. Someone with more experience my have a better idea.
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I have a runt, Layla. They are five weeks old now and she weighs only just over 6 oz, while her sibs weigh between 1.5 and 2 lbs! At 3 weeks the vet suggested KMR. I tried over and over again, and unless I forced it down her throat with a syringe she wouldn't take it. I took that as a sign she was just small, not hungry. Now they are eating solid food, so I hope she starts to bulk up.
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I had to give KMR to my runt at exactly 2 weeks or he could have died because his eyes were still closed at the moment and he could never get to the nipple and fighting 5 other big guys to get to it.

If the runt is small but can get to the nipple that is fine, but if you watch him/her and you see trouble trying to get to the nipple, just get KMR right away.
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