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Congested kitty

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Hi there, my 4 month kitty has a URI and the poor thing is very congested (nasally). She's lacking energy, but still eating. She is breathing a lot with her mouth open. I couldn't get her in to the vet until tomorrow morning. Does anyone know how I can alleviate her congestion, even a little? Could I put a little Vick's Vapor Rub on her nose or would that be advised against? Any ideas would help a lot...thanks!
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I don't know about using the VICK's. You could use the old trick that we used with our kids years ago, steam up the bathroom and take him in there for a while. I know with kids it really opened them up and gave them relief for quite awhile afterwards.
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NO VICKS PLEASE... but steaming up the bathroom and sitting inside with kitty will definately help easy the beathing.

Please make sure she also gets enough liquids!!!!
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It probably doesn't actually HELP with the cold, but it'll probably help make kitty feel cozy for a little bit. Warm up a nice big fluffy towel in the dryer for like 15 or 20 minutes. Take it out and wrap kitty in it. My cat loves it (she is sick, too )

I hope your kitty gets better soon. Good luck
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Sorry to hear of an URI, they are never any fun for kitty or for their human caregivers. Like suggested already, a steam up bathroom, and being held while they breathe in the steamed air will work wonders.
My vet also recommends pediatric nose drops, I believe the brand we use is called "Little Noses" (but I am not positive) the amount used is one drop per nostril, every 4-6 hours.
If the kittens starts feeling so down where she isn't eating or drinking, it is sometimes best to warm up some strong smelling canned food, it will help her to smell her food and hopefully keep his appetite. Wet food will also help with dehydration, because of the water content in the wet food.
I hope she begins feeling better soon.
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Thanks everyone for the advice. I took Cleo to the vet today and as suspected there wasn't a whole lot they could do, but they did give her an antibiotic, and anit-inflammatory, and an eye ointment. I hope these things will help the poor doll feel a little better! Otherwise I am just giving her good food and LOTS of love!
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If you can confine her to one bedroom in your house, set up a vaporizer for her in there. This worked very well when my kitty was terribly sick with an URI. My vet told me that I could put a wee little dab of Vick's on the top of her nose to help her breathe. (We used baby Vick's.) Also, I went to the health food store and got some eucalyptus oil. I put a few drops on an old washcloth and laid it near my cat, but not where she could get it. The eucalyptus oil helps open nasal passages. Be careful that your kitty doesn't ingest the eucalyptus oil as it's toxic for kitties if ingested.

Lots of TLC and quality care will go a long way in helping your baby feel better soon!

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