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Buzzy is scooting

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My cat Buzzy was treated for his anal sacs two years ago. He was scooting and has been on a high fiber diet ever since. It stopped after they gave him some antibiotics and the new food.

He has been scooting again but now only occasionally (once a month or so) before he goes to the bathroom. He also licks the inside of his hind legs before he scoots. I don't think it is the same problem as before since he does this only now and then and it's before he goes to the litter box. Does anyone have any ideas about this?
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My cat Blu also scoots. Could you please tell me what treatment that your cat received and what kind of food you are feeding him? I have tried several vets and several "remedies" to no avail.

My thoughts on your current situation might be urinary tract related. I'm sure a trip to the vet might be the thing to do.
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My Loki's right Anal sack became impacted last year and unfortunately needed surgery. He now has his anal sacks expressed every 4 months.

Please have them checked since he is already prone to have having anal gland issues - diet alone can help but not necessarily prevent him having problems again.

The intermittent scooting might only be the start and nipping in the butt early is definately the way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Buzzy is doing better now. Monday night his rear was inflamed so I rushed him to the Vet. It was his anal glands. The vet said he had some sort of allergic reaction which caused the glands to get impacted and infected. The last time this happend the vet had a hard time diagnosing this. My cat suffered for weeks while they treated him for worms, changed his diet, etc. If your cat is scooting, take him to a vet, have them check the anal glands. For some reason, vets don't like to think cats get a problem with these, just dogs. The vet gave him some anti-inflamatory medicine and antibiotics. This seems to be clearing things right up. I have a theory that my cat is very sensitve to certain plastics. The collar he used to wear seemed to bother him, and I thought that might have caused it the first time since he scratched so much all over. When I took the collar off, he stoped scratching. I just bought him a heated bed, but was leary of the synthetic material. Sure enought, I thing this may have bothered him because he started scratching more than usual and now this problem again. I'm not sure, just a theory.

He has been and still is on a prescription, high fiber low fat food called W/D. I only hope he doesn't get this problem again. It seems very painfull.
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May I suggest having him put on a regular preventive follow up schedule with your VET like my Loki is right now - the $30.00 every 4 months are sooooo worth it..
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My boy Dexter's scent sac's plug.
He has his expressed at the vets about every 3 months.
It is essential that you watch your kitty closely & have them expressed before the fluid becomes thick and a medium for bacteria to grow.
Good luck and keep us updated.
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