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Need Help Choosing Good Food

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I have a 4-5 year old female cat (Blu) and a 3 month old male kitten (Twinkie). I have had Blu for about a year and been to the vet countless times over her digestive problems. We finally settled on Eukanuba Weight Control Formula, because it seemed to cause her the fewest problems.

We adopted Twinkie when he was weaned, and have been feeding him Eukanuba Kitten and he also eats Blu's food alot of the time. They are both free-feeding dry with wet meals every few days.

Here's the problem...Blu is having very bad diarrhea. We took her to the vet for that, and weren't given any medicine (because they said the medicine they use was really for dogs and could make cat's go crazy). The vet recommended mixing some Metamucil (sp?) in her food, which she wouldn't eat.

We have noticed both cats are drinking ALOT of water, and now Twinkie is starting to have diarrhea as well. Blu's fur is shedding really badly and her skin is flaky when we brush her, so I suspect it's mild dehydration.

Both of them act fine and play all the time, and visually you would never know there is anything wrong.

So... here is where I need help. First of all, do I need to go back to the vet again, or just try switching foods? I have a feeling that the food might be the problem, because I know that most of the ppl on this forum don't recommend the brand I'm feeding.

However, I did try Nutro (my food of choice in the past), but Blu actually bled from her bottom after using the bathroom. I have seen other ppl on here that had the same problem. Blu has always dragged her bottom after using the bathroom (this has also been checked & treated extensively by more than one vet with no improvement).

What is a very good food that is widely available at Petsmart, that isn't going to be hard on her stomach, yet will be okay for Twinkie to be eating as well?

Thanks so much. Sorry for the long post, but I felt like I needed to provide alot of details.
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I feel another trip to the Vet is in order due to the recent symptoms. My girls eat, and I recommend Innova Lite Canned. Natura's California Natural is also an idea since it can be beneficial for kitties having trouble with allergies or sensitive tummies. I strongly support Natura products and wonder if you would want to give your babies a try with their excellent line of products.
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You might have luck with California natural, as it only has 5 ingredients, or you could try Natural Balance venison and green pea, as it has a unique protein and carb source that your cat probably has rarely/never eaten.

Also add a probiotic/digestive enzyme supplement to his food, as it should help.
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Vet check

Then California natural if avail.... or Natural balence or Sold Gold
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