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My daughter's B-Day Party....

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I am planning Jasmine's 9th b-day party. Her b-day is August 6th, but we are having the party a few weeks after. I got the idea for it from a thread here about the kitty litter cake. (thanks to whoever started that thread!!! it's an awesome idea!!!) Anyway, it's going to be a small party at our house (last years I rented a pavillion & had 60+ people). It's gonna be 10 girls. I ordered a deluxe party kit called the cat's meow, check out the link, they are absolutely adorable!

So, I am making the kitty litter cake, and for food I'm just doing hot dogs/fixings, pasta salad, and chips/pretzels etc. I always get a pinata every year for her b-day, it's a cat pinata. And I got them all cat ears to wear, and will be doing face painting (whiskers & nose). Can anyone give me any other ideas as to what to do with the kids? Either an activity or something? I would like to try to keep them outside, I have a shaded yard. Any ideas and suggestions for the party would be greatly appreciated!!!
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I don't have any suggestions to add, but this thread has some cat themed birthday party ideas

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How about making it a MOUSE pinata instead??? Will there be any cats in attendance - I mean real cats to play with?
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The dollar store near me sells gummi rat candy...that would be cute to feed the "kitties". They also sell tablecloths for $1. You can use their supplies to fill in with the themed supplies. They may have kitty stickers, too, or inexpensive coloring books.

At my dd's bd party YEARS ago (she is 23 now!), we did pie fights by putting whipped cream on small paper plates and letting everyone throw it at each other. They wore bathing suits and cleaned up in the sprinkler afterwards.

Maybe you can put little triangles of cheese on the end of the hotdogs, so it looks like kitty ears, and call them hot-cats!
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These are great ideas! I was gonna check out the dollar store anyway...I will definately be looking for the gummy rats! I'm gonna have to ixnay on the whip cream throwing contest... I'd be power washing ants off the side of my house for days!

The only feline in attendance will be LuckyGirl, as I am having it outside. My princess LuckyGirl will be watching from her perch in the window (she HATES it outside).

Beckiboo I've been thinking about turning the hot dogs into something cat themed like you suggested.... I thought about cutting the hot dogs up in small chunks, to make it look like cat food, and serving it on hamburger rolls, calling them cat food burgers. Whaddaya think of that???
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Sounds like you have some great ideas!! And the party stuff is TOO cute!! Sounds like they will have a blast!!
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