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My cat is neurotic!!!!

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Yesterday was Sunday so we were at church for a while plus I was up at the hospital to see my Granny. Anyway, the cat was all sleepy all evening and I did try to play with him before I went to bed around midnight.

Anyway, soon after I went to bed, he came alive! He kept jumping all over the kids and woke up my 5 yo and I was having trouble getting him back to sleep, so I put the cat in the laundry room.

He scratched under my door, it's linoleum, and there was a tiny split in the flooring. Well, he went after it so much that not only did he make the split much bigger but he bloodied his paws all up. My husband was NOT happy about the floor. I feel terrible that he hurt his paws. I really didn't think he could hurt himself since it was linoleum.

I think Ripley needs a friend, but my husband thinks then it will be twice the trouble and then both cats will be jumping all over the bed. At this point, the cat is so tired from whining and scratching all night, he is laying around. I'm sure his feet are sore too. (btw, should I put something on them or let them heal on their own, keeping an eye on things) I'm not sure what to do, but if he keeps being a problem at night, especially when school starts and my husband has to be up at 6 a.m., my hubby will make me get rid of him.

Anyway, I really want to get Ripley's days and nights straightened out. When we first got him, it was not a problem. This has developed over time.
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Remember, kitties are nocturnal, so you may not ever be able to get get him to sleep all night. i know when simon was a baby, he was really active at night, and would keep me up literally all night. ( I won't horrify you with the story of what he did before I had him neutered...let just say I was hosed!) So I started to set rules...1) he is never allowed on the bed. Ever. 2) he is only allowed in my room if i'm there and awake. 3) Any toys that get batted into Mommy's room while she's sleeping disappear. So that helped him at least not engage me in play while I slept. Then I started closing my bedroom door at night, but then he'd bat under the door just like your baby (without the injuries, thank god). So i found out if i left the TV or the Radio on really quiet, he didn't feel so lonely. After a long time of boundry setting, and enforcing the rules no matter how late it was, he finally got it. Now, he lays in the hall right by my open bedroom door most mornings when I get up, and and as soon as i get up, we have lots of Mom & simon love time on the couch.
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