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kittens as mousers

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I am living in a mouse infested house. We have the deadly "Hanta Virus" in our area. We have recently gotten two kittens, now at about 13 weeks of age. (They are adorable) Does anyone know at what age kittens actually start hunting? They play like they are good mousers, but I'd like to know when the playing becomes actual hunting... thanks friends.
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Your kittens will run the risk of getting infected with this virus if they catch and kill a mouse carrying it. I do not know if there is even a vaccine for cats to safeguard against this? Try sealing up all the cracks in your home, repair torn screens if any and try to keep the mice out. Remove any stacks of wood near the house, piles of newspaper, whatever a mouse can find to live under and feel safe. If one of your kittens brings you a dead mouse, dispose of the mouse with rubber gloves and put the rodent into a baggie and seal it up before either throwing it out or burning it. But again, you run the risk of your kittens catching this virus. Most cats hunt by instinct, feral kittens are veracious hunters at about 2 months old and females make better mousers then males. You also might want to watch out once they start killing the mice for parasites in your kittens.
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I agree with Hissy. Mice are not good play toys for cats. They are full of icky critters that will infest your cats.

Also, a kitten will not know how to kill a mouse. They have to be taught how to kill by the mother. Thus, since you (rather than the momma cat) are raising the kittens they will never learn to kill their prey. Instead they will simply chase and torture the animal.

You are best doing as Hissy suggested: seal up the house so the mice can't get in.
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I have to agree with lotsocats. I know from experience that cats who hunt mice get into all sorts of problems. As I keep horses and have a hay barn, my barn cats are always finding and destroying the mice that raid the grain. But I have one sweet orange boy that has had two surgeries already because of undigested mouse parts in his belly which caused him so much problem. I can't keep him out of the hay barn, it is his favorite place to sleep, so I just keep an eye on him and worm him on a regular schedule and do all I can to prevent him from getting so ill again.

I did get your email and understand your predicament, but again, I would not use cats for this solution. That is just my opinion.
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