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Zoom Groom

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I got a Zoom Groom for my kitty and she HATES it! Normally, she loves to have me brush her with a soft brush, a metal brush and even a flea comb (no fleas, thank god, but she has a thick coat and I don't want tangles), but when I tried to Zoom Groom her I got a very serious scratch. I don't think I was pressing too hard, but she really reacted badly.

I have read here how much kitties love this product, but not mine. I also heard it is good for them and their skin. Is there anything else that will give her a good skin massage? Does anyone else have a kitty that won't tolerate a Zoom Groom?
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Mine don't like the zoom groom, they still prefer the plain old slicker brush with the plastic bristles that have the little ball on the end so they don't scratch (I got it at target a few years ago), actually their favorite brush isn't even made for kitties, it's an old round revlon hair brush with the same type of plastic bristles.

I keep trying to introduce the zoom groom, but it's just not catching on, they're very suspicious of it
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I bought a ZG because everyone raved about it. My 16 week old kitten does love it. He comes running and lays right down when he sees it. He even lets me do his belly. He is not crazy about having his head done with it though. I find it awkward to hold though because there is no handle. It is nice because the hair is very easily removed from it where as a brush is much more difficult to clean.
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Well, even if you can't use it on the cat it's great for furniture! Rub the non-brush side on upholstery or carpet or cat beds, and the fur comes off in big globs. Works better than a vaccuum.

Just keep trying it a couple more times, maybe even with some treat-bribes. If not, you have a nice new furniture cleaner.
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Thanks for the furniture tip - with a thick furred cat I need a grooming tool for the rest of the apartment. Funny how she really didn't like it. I wish she did cause I love to brush her - she loves it too. Oh well, each kitty is different.
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Smidge attacked all brushes and me, no matter the kind, the Zoom Groom included.

A week later though - we built on time day by day - she was in love with it but never got to the point with other brushes.

perhaps try it again for a few seconds day by day to see if it improves.
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To be honest Zoom Groom is not good for every type of coat. I personally feel it's best for short haired cats - maybe the brush is pulling on her fur and that is why she is not too fond of it.
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