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Is this restless

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Okay. I have been keeping a close close eye on MaxSheba lately because I can feel her babies so strong and see them move about with force. It is like when they move they itch or tickle her because she instantly starts cleaning her belly.

Anyhow, I need to know is this what is meant by restless. My darling usually pics a spot and lays in it. She wanders but nothing like today. I swear she has been off the couch, on the couch, in the kitchen, on the floor by the door, on the table, off the table, and she hasn't eaten much either. Normal she dog walks whatever we put out and she goes through it fast. However, today is not like that at all. She's been kind of everywhere.

My hubby also said that this morning she let out a little squeal and then licked her stomach immediately and did it for a while. He hasn't heard her do it again, and I didn't here it at all. What could that mean?

I don't think her milk has come in, but I don't know what the heck I'm doing, lol. I do know her temperment has changed alot in the last few days. She is 8 weeks now and, def, no later. What is next? How much time could I be looking at?
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from the sounds of it, maybe a few days, maybe earlier. Icis the few days before was so restless and uncomfortable. but the day before birth, she slept all day, only waking to eat.
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Thanks. I am really worried for her. She is laying here with her eyes opened but not really interested in much of anything. When she isn't reposition, or choosing another spot she is sleeping. I finally saw her get up and eat but she didn't eat much. I think I'm more worried because I don't know if her milk has come in or not, but I don't think it has. How long before the babies are born does the milk usually come in?
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i noticed on Icis that her teats got longer and felt like jelly sacs before she gave birth. on the biggest one i was able to express milk by gently squeezing, but i wouldnt think you would have to. Your baby might be one that looses intrest in food before birth, ics just ate like a glutton,lol.
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Thanks so much. I see she has escaped to somewhere different in the house again and I will def. have to keep a good watch over here. She USED to be my glutton. I declare she was too too greedy, lol Now she's just been like eh! And her eyes rarely go into the slits, she just has looked so...soulful...lately
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she is close. she is resting. keep us posted!! dang i gotta go to work,lol.
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Have fun, lol if that is possible, and where are Icis' babies pictures lol
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there are in a post i made call baby pics. i need to take more, they have changed so much already, its hard to keep up,lol

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I know and time waits for NO man! I tell yah. It seems like all of them were ready to burst and she was just at the beginning. Now, she is ready to burst and the babies are getting big. I will swoop over there and take a looksie at the babies.
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