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Friday's DT

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Well....almost friday (it's 11:57pm)

Hope you all have a great day! It is supposed to be beautiful down this way for the next 4-5 days. (82 - 85) Really nice compared to the awful weather we've had this whole month of June.

I will be going to a doctor's appointment later today. They have finally decided to investigate the cause for all of my migraines. On average, I can get approx. 6 per month.(this has been going on for almost 8 years) For those that know how this feels, it's not fun. I am on medication to help prevent them (God know how many I'd get if that were not the case) and I always carry around my medication to take if I feel one coming on. If I don't catch it in time, it's no use, I'm out of commission for at least 24 hrs. Hopefully they will find something that is causing this. My last bad one landed me in the hospital (3 weeks ago) I ended up on intravenous and it took them 5 hours to ease the pain for me. I had a cat scan 3 yrs ago which came out okay so now, they won't do another one. I am getting an EEG, whatever that is, and a new prescription. Sorry to ramble on.....guess I'm a little nervous about this. I hate suffering but I really hope they do not discover anything too bad. I thought maybe food allergies but they don't seem to think so. Oh well.....we shall see. Funny thing though, I haven't had a migraine all week. First time in years. Go figure. It's like going to a dentist, walking in and realising the pain is gone!! Our systems are so bizarre.

Have a great week-end everyone!
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Hi G

I don't get migraines - hubby does though, and he has to carry around very powerful painkillers all the time. Trouble is these only work if he catches the migraine at the very early stages, otherwise it takes hold and has to run it's course.

It's kinda overcast and not too warm here today. But DRY!!

I got to work in tears this morning as there was a cat lying by the roadside (on a very fast stretch of road), that had obviously been hit by a car.

I couldn't stop thinking about (a) how terrified that poor kitty must've been (b) how very upset it's human will be and (c) wwhat if that was one of my kitties there.

So I've been sort of subdued all day. Tomorrow (Saturday) I've having a lovely new leather sofa, chair and footstool delivered. Kitties have shredded my last sofa (fabric) so doors will have to remain closed to the sitting room to prevent any damage.

On Sunday my brother is cooking me and hubby (and my Mum) lunch. He's recently got into cooking (he's 33) and he's becoming a bit of a cooking bore. I get chapter and verse on EXACTLY all the ingredients etc.

But I love him to bits really.

Have a nice Friday and a great weekend everyone.

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I am also going to the doctors today. I am hoping my neurologist will tell me that all is well and I can return to life and not be such a mouse potato. The only aftermath of the accident is my head still stings and my neck isn't fully functioning yet. Of course wouldn't you know it, I woke up with a killer headache which I haven't had in almost a week.

Ghys I feel for ya gal. I hope they find out what is causing your migraines. You might ask them about a sleep depravation stress test. It isn't fun to go through, but sometimes they can find the trigger that way. I never even got headaches until 2 years ago. Oh well.....

Our neighbor who I don't like much and who insists the only way a dog will behave is to chain it 24/7 lost his lab this week and yesterday went out and got another puppy. This poor baby is chained up and cries all the time. I know better than to say anything, but my heart goes out to this poor little guy/girl. Some people should own fish!
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Oh Hissy, that just burns me up. What is the feakin point of owning a dog then, just to look at it through a darn window! If so, I'll go paste dog pictures to their windows for them.

G, I've only known one person who had migraines like you. Her doctors always thought it was hormone related since they had done every test under the sun and they all came back fine. They figured a hysterectomy would probably do the trick but there wasn't a "reason" to do the surgery. Then when she started having problems with her cycle and they decided to go ahead and do the hysterectomy (she's in her late 40's). Sure enough, her migraines virtually disappeared. She still gets headaches every now and then, but they rarely turn into migraines and they go away with OTC meds.

We are supposed to have more thunderstorms today but we really need the rain so I'm glad; plus it keeps the temps down (we've only been in the 80's this week). Tomorrow hubby and I are driving to Dallas for the day to have lunch with my family.
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Good morning!

I'm actually in a good mood today, not sure why. We have our Annual Golf Tournament today with the company, which should be pretty fun. The only real not fun part will be the temps - it's supposed to be around 95. YUK! Then we have a big catered meal at the President's house. Hubby is golfing, I'm taking pictures and just hanging out.

Then tomorrow, we have preview tickets to The Powerpuff Girls Movie. I am so psyched to see that. I love PPG!

G. and Hissy - I hope your Dr. appts. go well. I understand about the migranes. I don't get them very often, luckily, so I can't even imagine having them that often. I hope they find out what's causing them.

Hope everyone has a great day and better weekend!
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Hi all
I am a little bummed today. I found out I didn't get the supervisor job - I placed 11th on the list.

G - I also get nasty headaches that they thought were migraines, but after 2 years of testing they found out what it was - it is a neurological disorder that they really can't do anything about so I have to "live" with it. I had all of the test - 3 catscans, 2 spinal taps(lumbar punctures), MRI, neck vein ultrasound and a whole bunch of others. If you can avoid a spinal tap do - it is the most horrible thing I have ever gone thru. PM me if you want any specifics and good luck!
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I can't believe I forgot to wish you both well at your appointments today, so........

I wish everything goes well for your appointments today!
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Hi Whisker's Mom,
I too get migraines, and the doctors have no clue why. I'm on my 9th year dealing with them, and have been through 3 family doctors, an ears/nose/throat doctor and am on my third neurologist. I've gone through all the tests, blood tests, CAT scans, EEGs, etc and nothing has ever been found to be wrong. So they put me on medication after medication, and pain killer after pain killer. The "new" migraine medications, Imitrex, Zomig, and Amerge didn't work for me.. Imitrex and Zomig made me feel like I had the flu... Amerge didn't do a darn thing. The only migraine medication that works at all for me is Maxalt. It only works maybe 30% of the time for me, but that's better than anything else has. They also have me on a low dosage of Amitriptyline to prevent them. (Which kind of works... sometimes. ). All the doctors can speculate with me is that the weather probably plays a role (barometric pressure or something), which is just great, because that's so easy to control , and hormones.

Anyway, I don't know if you tried any of those particular medications, but even the three that don't work for me do work for others, so you may want to ask about them if you haven't tried them. Also, a lot of anti-depressants can be used as beta-blockers, which can prevent migraines to a certain extent (that's how I use the Amitriptyline).

Sorry for the long post, I just thought I'd share my experience... knowing that others get them too doesn't help ease the pain, but as least you know some of us know what you're going through.

Oh, and going through the tests isn't so bad, you'll be fine. Good luck!
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Morning everyone!
I got a scare this am as I couldn't find one of my kitties!
I searched all around the house and finally heard this pitiful meowing but couldnt'find where it was coming from. So Twig my other boy was getting frustrated at mom and went to the back door and sniffed it. So I looked out the door and sure enough, there is my little Rocket boy stuck out on the porch all night! with the door to the outside unlocked so if anyone came in, he could've gotten out!
I was horrified! I threw opened the door and in he came as happy as a lark! Needless to say, he is currently being spoiled and petted and loved!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't even see him come out with me to empty the litters last night. I am just happy it wasn't hot last night or who knows what would've happened! I was shaking when I first picked him up thinking about how easily I could've lost him!:paranoid3:
But I am having a great day now that he is back in the fold!
Believe you me, I am going to check the porches very well before I go to bed at night! maybe it will be a before bed treat(to count all the kitties) time......
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Migraines are killers. I've had them, since I was 17. They've gotten farther apart, this past year, though - only had two. Mom is due to get out of the hospital, this morning. My dad didn't call, last night so I guess everything's OK. He wasn't home, this morning and the hospital won't give out info, over the phone. I had a letter, from my friend Katey, yesterday. She's the one who gave me Ike. I sent her pictures, last week. Her divorce isn't going well. She's happy to see that Ike is OK, though. She knew that she could trust us. I've got a 3-day weekend. Bill is doing a steak on the grill, tonight. My alimony check is due. We're going on a mall crawl, tomorrow. I'm going to look for a dress, for Mark's wedding. He called, night before last. They took the pins out of his hand and took off the shoulder brace. He can go back to work, now. He's coming up, tomorrow, to see Mom and me. Have a good weekend, all.
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Well the good news is the doctor was encouraged with the progress, but the bad news is he is concerned my head is still stinging and wants me to take it easy for two more weeks! I am not a couch potato, I am turning into a Mouse Potato! Thank God for the Internet and the connection with all of you here. He said his concern is the stinging shouldn't be occuring because the lump isn't there anymore. Some sort of damage going on that he is unsure of..so.....

I talked to my neighbor this morning when he was walking his puppy. The little boy is so darn cute. The guy is bragging "he has papers longer than your arm!" Well gee, why would you buy such a pedigree to keep it on a chain? There will be no field trials for this dog, no obedience classes, no car rides, one long life on the end of a chain. what joy is that? But I know if I voice my concern I open my cats up to possible problems because this man dislikes cats a lot. So I shut my yap and open it up here instead.

Ghys, I hope your tests went well and they can help you get out of pain......
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Hissy - I am glad your doctor is being cautious. Head injuries are dangerous things. Please take care of yourself a little longer because your kitties need you so much!
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Hi everyone! :flower: I took the day off work today...I've been needing a break for a while now. I woke up to the sound of the landscapers mowing and cutting the bushes right under my window. Oh well...I guess I can't sleep the whole day away. I'm off to the bookstore to get hubby a book he needs for school then off to do some clothes shopping!

I feel for all of you who get migraines...I got them really bad about 5 years ago during the summer. All I could do was lay on the floor all day everyday and read and eat a little bit of food. I threw up a lot. My doctor couldn't really find out what caused them, but he suspected that it was the change in hormones in my body. I was only 14 then. Needless to say, that was the worst summer b/c I was stuck home all the time.

Have a good weekend everyone!
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My dad and I, finally, connected. Mom has pneumonia and can't come home, today. He says that she's sitting up, talking and in good spirits. With her lousy immune system (diabetes AND a bad liver), this is not a good scenario. I can't get to the hospital, until tomorrow. I've been trying to reach my son. Hope he calls back, soon. She's made it through triple angioplasty, double-bypass AND a stroke. This was a simple gall bladder removal. I know what she's doing - paying me back for my teenage years. Now, its MY turn to worry all the time.
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