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I think my cat has asthma, possibly pregnant

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Hey everyone, I'm worried about my cat and maybe someone can give me some insight into whats wrong with her. She's a short haired tabby, 8 y/o, and she is having a lot of trouble breathing (really heavy breathing), suddenly hates it if you pick her up, and if you pet her on a certain spot on her back, it's as if it's hurting her or something. I recently gave her a bath, and I'm hoping I didn't hurt her or anything. She's definetly gained some weight also, and I think she may be pregnant. She's been grumpy (I think she's not adapting to the new kitten I got), disappears, and doesn't move much. She's never had kittens, and I assumed she'd been fixed.

My main concern is her breathing. I don't know if she has allergies or asthma, etc. Everyone in my household smokes, but we smoke outside. Also, we moved from California to Texas, where it's much hotter.
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Any respiratory problem is potentially fatal and should be treated as an emergency. This require prompt medical attention. It's sounds as if, in addition, she's had other changes in appearance and behavior. Please take your cat to the Vet.

Let's move this to our Health forum.
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Respiratory problems are a medical emergency. Look in the Yellow Pages for the nearest 24 hour emergency vet hospital and take her there right away.

When she is stabilized, then the next step is to schedule her to be spayed (and the new kitten too).
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I'm really worried about my 8 y/o tabby. My family moved to Texas from California, and she isn't adapting well. She has difficulty breathing, you can hear her breathing most of the time. She isn't as energetic as she usually is either. In addition, I think she may be pregnant, she's gotten kinda chubby (how do you tell). I'm not sure if she has some kind of respiratory illness, asthma, or just allergies. She sneezed yesterday like 11 times consecutively, it may be allergies.

I can't afford to take her to the vet right now though. Is there any other alternative, anything I can do for her? I've been trying to keep her in the house, so the heat doesn't get to her as much.
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Is she not spayed?
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I don't know what to tell you other than the fact that you REALLY need to take her to the vet somehow. She's obviously in distress and that's not fair
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Ditto on a vet visit. She sounds bad off.
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I'm afraid I have to agree that this kitty needs to see a vet - and soon. She is obviously in distress.
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While allergies are a possibility, it is also possible she has an upper respiratory infection (URI) which requires treatment. You may want to review this article:
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Wow she needs a vet immediately. And not being spayed at 8 years old? Schedule that too, that is a majorily important thing to do to prevent the cat from getting a really bad disease or cancer. You need to work out payments with the vet or find low cost clinics or something. Anything really. I would go as far as to say it would be cruel to deny her of vet care at this point. Does she go outside? Is she vaccinated? She obviously needs to stay in if she is prego and not vaccinated, she could have picked up a number of diseases outside.
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