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we love u bootsie

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ok so my partner leaves for work...........opens the door and sees bootsie laying dead on the ground she was hit by a car and there was bood everywhere. i cant believe it. she was a year old and she was beautiful! i am new here and wanted to talk to someone so i registered!

hope someone can help me get through this tough time!


here are a few pics of my beautiful baby

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Aww I am so sorry for your loss. (You should post this in the Crossing the Bridge forum though, not the pregnant cats one) It is so dangerous to let your cats outside, it is a shame it had to end so horribly for her. I am so sorry.
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I am sorry, such a pretty kitty.
It is never easy to lose a loved pet.

Read this, it seems to help some people

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I'm so sorry That's the downside of kitties going outside i'm afraid

Play happily over at Rainbow Bridge Bootsie, theres lots of new friends to meet you there
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Condolences on your tragic loss of Bootsie. Her pretty white front boots were so striking in contrast to her gorgeous tabby coat If there can be any comfort at all in this situation, I suppose it would be that she came home and you know her fate - there is no desperate searching for an answer that never comes, no wondering. And please be reassured that she is over Rainbow Bridge now, pain free and a happy young cat forever, looking forward to that day when your time comes and she is part of your reward, happy in your arms again.
I feel so honored that you seek our TCS companionship during this difficult time. I hope and pray that you receive the comfort here that you seek.
Godspeed over Rainbow Bridge, Bootsie. You have crossed, knowing that you had a name & the love of a very special family.
Hugs to you Angel and welcome to the TCS family. Susan
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Angel, I am so sorry for your terrible loss.

Enjoy your play at the Bridge Bootsie, and remember to look in on your humans who miss you so much.
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What a cutie! I love her 1/2 brown 1/2 pink nose! Condolences on your loss.
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