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Cats lost voices?

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Is it normal for a cat to lose its voice? Both of my cats in the past wk have lost their voices...you can see them try to meow but all that comes out is a lil squeek. I am at a loss of what to do besides the no voice they are as hyper as normal and eatting/drinking like normal. Thank you for any thought or advice on what to do in advanced!
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You're sure they're not doing it on purpose? Cats don't always make noise we can hear when they meow. They can meow at frequencies too high to be heard by human ears. At least that's the theory behind the "silent meow."

The other explanation is they may have laryngitis. If you cats don't get back to normal in a week or so, you should probably take them to a vet. There are other medical problems more serious that can cause loss of voice, but unlikely they'd both be afflicted.
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My cat did get laryngitis, and I took her to the vet for antibiotics. It helped her a lot, and she got better quickly.
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As the other posts have pointed out, cats can (and do) get sore throats and larengitis (sp) so please take your cats to the vet.

If you can normally hear your cats meow, I don't think it's the silent meow, but rather larengitis.
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It does sound like probably they have either a sore throat and laryngitis as both have it not just one. Best get them to the vets.
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