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Help save Garfield!!!

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My neighbors are going to be moving away as we bought the house. He is not taking the cat with him. He is such a sweet loving kitty. I had him neutered months ago. This man is a single parent with four children. As soon as he moves we are tearing down the house. It cannot be saved. It looks like we living next to a garbage dump and the smell coming out of there is just awful. I have eighteen kitties here myself and two dogs..my hubby will NOT let me bring in another one. I don't want Garfield to be left behind or taken to a shelter. He is neutered and i put frontline plus on him. He is orange (of course) with a splash of white on his face,chest and paws. He is a real cutie. And the name Garfield truly fits this cat. Please help me find him a home. He wants to come in here so bad...he has even went into my neighbors house across the street. I can drive within a reasonable distance to get him to you. I live in Ohio...please help!!!
Thanks so much...Penny
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Penny....it is best to try to find this boy a home within your community. There is a really good PDF called "how to find homes for homeless pets" that you can find here:


It has good information on placing an ad and a sample contract.

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I really hope someone from the Ohio area sees this and wants to take him home
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Sending {{{find a forever home prayers and vibes}}} out to Garfield! I hope that he finds his new family soon! And bless you for taking on 18 cats - if others would find it in their hearts to take on even 1/3 that amount, there would be fewer cats in shelters and/or PTS. you are a real cat hero
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Where are you in Ohio?
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If I know where in Ohio, I may be able to locate a rescue for you OR you can go to www.petfinder.com and click on Shelter & Rescue Groups at the top of the page and search Ohio - there are TONS of rescues, you will just have to look through them to find cat rescues and then start contacting. I will happily help with this if I know where you are in Ohio and a photo of Garfield would be useful to include along with a little bio.
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