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Rescue effort-Need help!

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Hi, I am new to this forum. I am from www.savingshelterpets.com. We save animals up for euthanasia at shelters. We need just a bit of help. We are just shy of having enought funds to carry through with a 50 cat and kitten rescue effort happening on Tuesday. If we don't raise more funds we cannot send these kitties to the sanctuary in FL. We all know what happens in shelters! If you are able, please help.

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Omar....I can appreciate that this group is trying to help these cats..but cats and kittens are in need throughout the USA.

Personally, I would recommend that instead of lining up a rescue group and then trying to urgently get funding...that you would secure funding first.

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Wait, you're in Oregon, the rescue is in Michigan, and you're sending the cats to Florida from a shelter in Georgia? Please explain how that happens, just for my own curiousity. I don't get it.
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I hate to sound...crasp...but I agree. Do you have a website possibly that lists the non for profit organization or something and with 1400 being so small a fee to relocated can't you have some immediate groups in the area help? I don't know but it sounds like you all aren't exhausting your efforts in the right areas. I would contact local places...wherever the actual animals are, and contact advocates and places in that area for help in getting them fostered, or adopted, or something. I don't know. It is a litle confusing. Maybe if you gave a more detailed account of why you are sending the cats away, why you dont live in the area that the cats are in, and why you aren't having the animals sent to the area that you either live in, OR that the cats or in.
I contacted the fundraiser for this project, it IS a legitimate project, according to them but could you just explain in detail WHY you are doing what you do?
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