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A bit shaky?

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Icis seems still very worn out. today i picked her up, and she just let me, she seems a tad shaky on her feet. I have tried to get her some Nutri-Cal, but she hates it. been trying her fave food, but she only eats a tad. shes really gaunt now, is there anything i should do to her her get some weight back?

Also, she seems like like time away from the kits, is that normal? she will sometimes place the kits on the towel i have down for her, and she will go about 3 ft away to lay on the tiles. she will go check them when they cry tho.
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I still think the poor baby is just fatigued. I think she just needs some good old fashioned rest. As far as the getting away, I wouldn't worry about that as she comes back when they cry and she doesn't wonder too too far. I would just try mixing the nutrical in her food and see if she will eat it, and at least she will be getting some with the little bit she does eat and maybe you can just give her a little more time. BUT if she really worries you terribly take her to the vet, better safe the sorry eh?
Either way I'll be praying for your baby.
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I don't remember ever having a queen be shaky after delivery. Please call your vet to see if that is normal. Sitting separate from the kittens is fine so long as she goes to them when they cry.

In my experience of fostering for 2-1/2 years, tame kitties sit nearby and watch over the kittens. Outside cats stay with the kittens. My theory is that the outside kitties have had bad experiences in the past with their kittens, so they are more protective.

I would ring the vet right away about the shakiness. As Joshica said, better safe than sorry!
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Try giving her some chicken or turkey meat baby food, gently warmed and poured over a good, high-quality canned kitten food. Also, put down a good, high-quality dry kitten food as well so she can pick at will. The Royal Canin BabyCat34 is a hit in my home.
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