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Kinda Gross but have a question???

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Ok Stormy will be one in August. Lately when shes pooping its either not coming all of her bum or sticking to her feet or something because she is tracking it around the house. The other day she had it stuck to her bum and it was attached to her by someones hair she must have eaten. She gets it on the dressers and the floor and its just soooooo gross. What in the world can I give her to help her with this problem. lol Or maybe the hair thing is just something you have to deal with when we have a house of six females. lol And all my daughters and I have long hair.**Sigh**
Does anyone else deal with this??
I do vacumn the whole house at least twice a week and downstairs daily. I actually had to pull the one piece out of her because the poop would not come off and the hair was not going anywhere on its own.
When she was a kitten she ate a streamer or confetti and I had to help her get that out as well....
Just curious as to if Im alone.........lol
Its only Stormy. I have yet to have this problem with Snickers........
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When a cat has something hanging out of the bum it is never a good idea to remove it yourself. Sometimes it could be string, thread of dental floss wrapped in stool and attached or tangled inside her. Your cat isn't able to clean herself or move her bowels properly so you need to address the diet and be sure she is drinking enough water. She could be overweight and unable to clean herself, you could be feeding her to much grain and she needs more meat and protein which is their normal diet. If she is long-hair then clip her hair down a bit so the stool doesn't get stuck.
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Thanks Hissy........
Its human hair that has been stuck there lately. And the poop is attached to that and the hair still in her bum. She does have the ability to have water any time during the day. Her diet might be a problem......she eats Iams cat food up until this past week..........so I need to shop around. I think she will be going to nutro just like my dogs. Any other suggestions for food?
She probablly is overweight but not so much so that she cant reach her rear. Shes the cleaning machine so she can reach that just fine. lol
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