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Kitten Pictures!

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I see kitty belly! Time for a raspberry

Beautiful pictures, and even more beautiful kittens.
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Oooh, they are so cute! I want one, I want one!

**throwing self on floor in a mock tantrum**

I could look at them forever. They don't appear to be camera shy in the least.
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The one where they both looked bent out of shape, was the first encounter with the german shepherd dog. LOL They know they are supposed to be afraid of Kenai and she is so used to kittens that these two and their antagonistic attitude truly has her baffled.
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Cute kittens, Hissy!
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Cuteness overload, SERIOUS CUTENESS OVERLOAD!! They are sooooo adorable! Makes me want to have kittens again... ummm, don't think it will work out though....
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Thanks for sharing those! They're great!

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Originally posted by bren.1

**throwing self on floor in a mock tantrum**

Mock tantrum - ha! I am having one right here at work - I love little grey kitties (and don't worry McGilly CyberAunt Ady loves you too!)
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How cute! The little grey one looks just like a kitten my sister in law rescued. It was under her house. She is a big girl now but she looked just like this one when she was little.
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What beautiful little angels! I just want to nuzzle them!
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They are SSSSOOOO CUTE!!! Oh, and baby kitty tummy - that's just too much. CUTE OVERLOAD!!!! Those two just don't even know how many people love them to death here.

I see MacBethie has grown into her fur. No more bad fur days for her! MacGilly is just so cute.

I WANT KITTIES!!!!!! Ok, I'm better now. Just a little temper tantrum.
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Oh Hissy

They are BEAUTIFUL. I do so envy you your little fluffbabbies.

Are you going to keep them?
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CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! I love kitties!!!!!!!:tounge2:
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The intent is to keep the kittens and the mom unless I can find a home to take all three or even one to take both kittens. I would have to be completely sure of the love factor before releasing them. There has been interest in taking one kitten, but because of how they arrived here and how the early days went for the babies, we are keeping all of them. Mom is shown here
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Wow. Kenzie sure has taken to the inside life quite well. She was so scrawny in those first pics you showed us. She sure has fattened up! She's still just beautiful, though. And doesn't MacGilly look just like her?!?!
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Oh Hissy, I LOVE the kitty pictures!!!!
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OMG OMG!!! Hissy!!! You really MUST stop doing this!!!! ITs just not fair!! I get serious "kitty need" when I see pics like that!!! Ooooooweeeeeeeeee!!!! Lickle kitten paw pads!!! Munch munch munch... The babies are just to die for and Mum looks great too!!!
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