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Mucus Plug

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Aisha discharged a white goo we believe was her mucus plug on Thursday night. We were hoping this was a good sign and that night she was fidgety and dug in her nesting box quiet a bit but since then all she has done has been sleeping. She didn't eat much Friday but the last two days she's eating everything she can. What is an average time to expect her to go into labor if that was her mucus plug that discharged from her bottom? Is she close?
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well, when Icis was close she slept 24/7, just got up to eat really. She was also eating like a pig 5 days or so before and up to the day of the birth ( this last friday). The day she went into labor, she had some bloody show fom her vag, and mayble 7-8 hours later went into full labor.
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