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Sad day~can I get a few vibes?

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Hey guys!! After a LONG hard thinking through and some tears, I have decided to get rid of 3 of my kittys(I am keeping 2) My moms bf sister wants them, and I know she will be good to them, but I am still sad. I am going to miss them so much! I am so attached already...but I know in all reality, I cant keep all 5 like I want to. Can you all just send some vibes my way please? And maybe cheer me up? I HATE having to do this.....but I know it is best.

Thanks guys!!
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Oh, I am sorry that you have to give away 3 of your kitties. I will send you some good ((((vibes))))...but at least they are going to someone you know...so you can always visit them
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Sending {{{comfort prayers and vibes}}} Your unselfish actions shows how much you love your kitties. Think of how excited your mom's bf's sister must be! and hopefully, you will get visitation It will be hard, i know, but we at TCS will be here for you! Please keep us posted! Susan
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How hard that is for you. I know you are doing the right thing for both you and your kitties. You'll still get to see them now and again right?
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i know how hard it is. recently i had to give up my dog Mickey, whom i've had for 6 years. he was being mean to my kitties and to people and my mom didnt want a lawsuit so she put him up for adoption. i still have a lump in my throat when i think of him. Just try to think of the good times... then get a big snickers bar and some soda and cry.... sending {{{{vibes}}}} for you.
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Thank you all...it was s hard to do this, I almost didnt even leave them. I miss them so much!! I called her to check on them last night, and they were fine...but I still hate that I had to get rid of them. I wanna call again, but dont wanna keep bugging her! Ugghh.....
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What a hard decision to make...but it was truly a very unselfish one, you only had their best interests at heart...they will be well cared for in their new home and you will be able to visit often.
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