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I Found a Cage!!

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In our town, we have the usual thrift stores Goodwill and Salvavtion Army...both of these have 'clearance' stores, which are usually outside and have items taht are not good enough for the regular stores as well as itmes that may not sell in the regular stores (incomplete, broke, don't know what it is, etc) and I found a big metal dog crate! I also got 3 blankets (which of course were washed at home) and a couple glass canisters.....ALL for $5.00---yes $5.00!!!!!
So if you have these types of stores in your town, call and ask if they have a 'clearance' store...I was amazed at what they had to offer!
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like the prices at goodwill or salvation army could get any cheaper with their regular prices :-d
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I don't know about where you live but I have to say, Goodwill is pretty expensive (for used/thrift) here in our town!
But I LOVE those clearance stores!
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Well those stores are right up my alley way anyhow! I do the Salvation Army-Which most of those items are donated and resold, the Goodwill-which they are a tad more expensive but work by the same principle. Believe me I have been looking right at those stores for a dog crate for MaxSheba because a friend of my got her dog crate for $20 bucks!! Seeing as those it was a $100+ dog crate that is just a plain steal!
I'm glad you found a bargain hon! and thanks for sharing!
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