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Cat Tribute CD

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OMG, I just found the coolest thing! I was looking for an obscure band for The Alphabet Game and came across this CD

It is called "A Cat Shaped Hole In My Heart." This is what the web site says about it.

After suffering the loss of his only cat to feline leukemia, Projekt (and black tape for a blue girl) founder Sam Rosenthal was moved to create a disc that would prevent others from suffering this same grief, while also supporting a local Chicago kitty cause. Enlisting the aid of ethereal, gothic, shoegazer and darkwave artists who share a common love for cats, Projekt presents this unique compilation. Each band contributed a song about their own cat and donated their full artist royalties to a Chicago-based charity, The Tree House, a "no-kill" cat shelter; the booklet contains information on avoiding the spread of feline leukemia and preventing your cat from this horrid fate.
I know this is a shameless plug, but I thought it was really cool for professional musicians to do something to help the kitties. The music, if you are interested, is very ethereal - sleepy music. We used to call it Fairy Music because it sounds like fairies would make it. Similar to Enya, kind of. If you click HERE there are a few downloadable samples of the music, and the CD is on sale for $6.98.

Here is the HOMEPAGE for the project.
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That is really cool! I will have to go check that out!
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