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My towels are MINE!

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My cats have a new annoying habbit. When I am gone out they go in search of all the towels, facecloths and tea towels they can find and take them into the living room. Its annoying! I can't use them after cats trample on them. My bath towels are folded really small and placed over the shower curtain rod and safe, so are the ones in the closet.... but I would like the opportunity to use a dish cloth more than one time! How do you suppose I can cure this new problem?
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Wash your towels in lemon scented Downey. Put a strong lemon air freshner in your linen closet and that should keep them off your linens. I had to laugh though, your cats sound like fun!
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Thats a good idea, I'm due to buy new laundry soap anyhow.
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Fitzy is a towel thrower too. He'll throw anything when he's upset. On my days off (about every other weekend) I go to my boyfriend's place which is 2 hours away. Fitzy hates it when I leave him home and lets me know by throwing things. I'm grateful because he doesn't spray or leave me any presents. He doesn't chew or destroy things either. He's a thrower. I always laugh when I come home because the throwing gets worse the longer I'm gone. Usually I come home and the towels are down, my stuffed bear had been flung across the room and pillows are off the couch. Last weekend I came home and my kitchen sponge had been thrown from the sink and left (unchewed) under the kitchen table (about 15 feet away). On longer visits I come home to the toilet paper unrolled and dragged into the tub where I find little spit balls. He's a little stinker and always forgives me as soon as I come home. What a weird cat!
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When one of mine is closed in the bathroom by mistake, I find the curtains on the floor and the robes pulled down from the rod behind the door. Of course they have to follow me in and hide behind the shower curtain, but it seems that it then becomes my fault that they're stuck for a while! Of course, butter would not melt in their mouths when I go looking for them--winding around my legs and purring--you'd never know they destroyed the decor!
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So, lemon-scented Downy works for the towels - but how do we launder the toilet paper? After several rolls unspooled and thoroughly mauled, we now keep ours on a high wire rack, where Wiggles can't reach it. (Trouble is, my son complains that he can't reach it either!)
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I've heard a few things you can do to save the TP. First, if you have one that unrolls it, put it on the roll so the paper comes down the back of the roll. That way, if kitty bats it the TP will spin, but won't unroll. You can also take some cardboard from another tube, cut it lengthwise, and put the cardboard around the outside of your roll. (Does that make any sense? ) That way kitty can't just munch into the TP, but humans can just work around the cover.

Disclaimer: I have not tried either of these. My TP muncher prefers to just get into the whole package rather that take the one on the roll. We have to keep the loose rolls hidden or we have a BIG mess!
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I put a rubber band around my toilet paper when they are on the spool. The cat reaches up, spins it, it doesn't unreel and so kitty plays a little then goes away. But the first time that rubber band vanishes, I will find another way to thwart them. Rubber bands in a kitty's stomach can make for a disaster waiting to happen.
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I've tried turning the roll backwards and Fitz figured out how to unroll it that way too. I even made a sacrificial roll and drenched it in orange juice (he hates oranges) and taped it together. He just reached his paws up to the sides and shredded the sides of the roll. He only does this when he gets real bored or I'm away for a couple of days so I just put the toilet paper away.
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Hmmmm----Is there such a thing as boot camp for incorrigible Charmin shredders?
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