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2 Cats I need help with

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Roper- He has abused his rightful ownership of having teeth and claws. My legs are scratched up. He attacks my hand. At night sometimes hes a good boy and sleeps and sometimes he goes Demonic Kitty on me and savagely tears my feet up. I will be getting Roper Soft Paws when he is 5 pounds but that is just covering the problem up-

I dont want him to think I dont want him near me or that he cant play with me I just want this behaviour stopped. I pick him up and say "Roper are we being naudy? Do you want to go to the naudy chair?" lol From Super Nanny on TV...but seriously I tell him No and set him down but then he is just more aggressive. When I eat he wants to eat also...my food, he wont leave me alone.

His attention getter is when he crawls up into the Lamp, sets his feet on the ledge and pops his head out of the top of the shade part.

He's a 2 year old child.

I was thinking the water sprayer Idea...but was worried if that would just cause more problems. Being still, picking him up and telling him No, relocating him...they dont work.

Second problem.

It has been almost a month since we have had Roper and are 11 y/o cat hasnt gotten use to him yet. He still Hisses, he doesnt like going downstairs to eat. He has resorted to staying on the top deck. This cat has NEVER had an accident in all his years...but now he is using the deck as his litter box.

Help. We have tried everything. We have tried to get him to like Roper. I did what you guys told me and what the vet told me. He doesnt have to like Roper but Simba needs to be on good terms with him and come back in the house.
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If Roper is a kitten, it sounds like he's just doing kitten things. Just keep telling him NO and putting him down from wherever he is. Eventually, he might learn what NO means! Also, I've put my Hannah cat in time out (in her room with food/water/box/toys) for about 10 mins when she's being excessively antagonistic towards our other cat.

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