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Does anyone's cat have gas? My little cutie Astrid is usually the picture of delicacy and decorum, but she seems to have developed a bad behavior of coming up next to me and turning her butt up and...you get the rest. I think she thinks is a good thing (it is usually preceded by head butts and purring)...but ...I wonder if it is just the new premium food. She has been wormed and I hope this is a temporary feature of her personality.

Does anyone have gassy cats? Did it go away or are some cats just into passing wind as sign of affection? Ewwww...
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How long ago was she wormed? In my own limited experience, cats fart alot when they are either new to a home from being a stray, having a virus or something, and when they've either got worms or have just been wormed.

But it could be the food, and for yours that would be a first guess. Did it start when you switched foods? If so it should subside as she gets used to it.

I have absolutely no idea why a cat would fart at you affectionately. That is hilarious. Maybe one time when she was gassy she rubbed on you and farted, and now anytime she needs to "let loose" she thinks rubbing on you is a magical remedy.
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Oh Great! I love her to death but not this!! I am just switching her over this week to Wellness. And she did just get her final worming meds this week.

Anyway, her poo doesn't smell quiet as bad, but it I guess her little tummy is still adjusting. I was rubbing her tummy yesterday and she didn't like it, maybe she was bloated. I hope she doesn't come to me for relief on a regular basis!

I never had a cat do this before; she is still growing and adjusting I suppose. I just hope she isn't a gassy little gal. I will have to be more alert when she gives me "elavator butt"...
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Most kittens outgrow this as they get older. One of my cats, who is normally a prissy, perfect little princess, had horrible gas as a kitten. She's basically outgrown it (she's 4 now), although once in a great while she does "surprise" me when we're both in my bed and I'm half asleep!
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My 5 yr old Pye does this occasionally too. From what I know about cats & their behavior in general, offering up their butt for you to sniff is a sort of recognition, especially in a multi-cat household. Pye also does this if he's been eating bread. He loves bread, especially the crusty part, but it gives him some WICKED gas. That boy can clear a room!
The new food might be the culprit in Astrid's uh----fragrance. Check the contents and compare them with her old diet. A little kitty grass might help her out too.
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I've seen something like this with Missy. In addition to her dry kitten food we've given her some Whiskas Tuna and she's developed some nasty gas. Not frequent though, and I'm the only one who's been the brunt of it.
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I am switching her to Wellness from Fancy Feast - I choose Wellness because of the lack of grains. And I am feeding mostly chicken and turkey - she was eating alot of fish flavors before and I did not realize that cats shouldn't have fish so much. Now, even though she loves it, she will only get it occasionally. The worst stench was when she got Beef Fancy Feast - all I can say is NEVER AGAIN. She didn't seem to like it all that much so I don't think she will miss it.
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Chicken can be a big gas issue in a sensitive cat just an FYI
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Oh no! Let's see, no fish, no beef, no grains, and now chicken??? What am I gonna feed this cat? If it keeps up I guess I will start looking into putting her on a sensitive tummy diet - maybe that venison and pea formula by Natural Balance. Sheesh - she is a princess! Hopefully, it will all settle down soon. I hope! Seriously, I don't want her to be bloated and uncomfortable with her foods.
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I know it can be frustrating. I have one cat that I have tried many foods with and another cat that seems both willing and able to eat anything. I have a collection of failed canned and pouches of food. Feeding my cats two different kinds of foods turned out to be really really difficult if not impossible. One of these days I am going to put all of the cans and pouches in a bag and take them to a shelter. At least they won't go to waste that way. I have thrown out several partial bags of dry as well. I don't think a shelter would use an open bag of food. There are too many sick people that would contaminate food and then take it to the shelter.
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Fingers crossed - no gas for a couple days and her poo is less stinky (in fact, I think it is just normal stinky - I can't really tell unless I am in the room when she goes - if it wasn't so damn hot I probably couldn't tell at all). She goes once or maybe twice a day/night and her stools are firm and "normal" colored I guess. Hopefully, she is adjusting to the Wellness wet food OK.

It is a weird thing to say, but cleaning the litter box is one the best ways to see if your cat is having any problems or getting sick. I am so relieved that this might be working out.

I am taking the food she shouldn't and/or can't eat to the shelter too. The TNR group I volunteer for can certainly use it.
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