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Daily Thread Sunday July 15/06

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Good morning/afternoon/evening!

How is everyone's Sunday going?

Jeff and I are going to go on a picnic today and go see a movie.

What are your plans?
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well, today is the 16th..

No exciting plans for today (yet again ). I'm leaving in a few minutes to go do my laundry and after lunch, I'll head to the university and spend the afternoon in the library (where there is A/C)

That's it.

Mmmm... maybe if I manage to study for most of the afternoon, I'll reward myself and eat out.
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Its another scorcher here today.

Got up early to do my shopping, needed fresh fruit and bread. Went to the pet shop for kitty litter and bought a bird table for the garden.

Cats are feeling the heat, they meow for their food and when i opened a packet turned their furry little noses up and walk away So no more wet food until this hot spell has passed Having said that they are very quick to eat the chicken that i spoil them with some evenings

Hubby is doing a water change on our fish tanks so the garden plants are about to get a good watering

Ohhh..humm..better iron my shirt for work tomorrow.
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Originally Posted by marie-p
well, today is the 16th..
Doh!!, so it is I knew I crawled outta bed too early this morning!!
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Oh yeah, I just assumed that marie-p was on another continent.
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better get my stuff out for work tomorrow! At least I see dogs and cats!!! because I work at PETSMART!!!.... It is going to be 98 on tuesday!!!!!!! they said it is going to feel 106!!!
I am going to die that day I wish it will be cold!!!!
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I have to straighten up my room and fix my bed (it's a water bed and it's leaking.. ) Tonight when it gets cooler, I will probably take the dogs for a walk. Have a good day everyone!
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Good Afternoon everyone!!

We finally got the rain we needed yesterday!! I am soo happy, because our grass was dying...and we could only water it two times a week!

Well today Jason and I have to go to Wal-mart and I am going to try and pick up a paint shop pro program...because I want to get really good at making sigs.....

Last night we ate at STIX which is a chinese resturant where they cook in front of you and it was sooo good....I am still full from it!!

I hope everyone else has a great sunday....and we are all off to work tomorrow
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Well it was a mere 99 degrees yesterday-we were gone most of the day got home at 10pm gosh the house was only 84 degrees. I slept with 3 fans blowing on me and DH in the cooler (80) family room!!
Its only 91 right now and overcast up the dew point is up there!! Volunteered at one of the garden (an awesome one) this am and had a frozen pizza and a beer for a late lunch. Have a cold towel around my neck and the fan blowing.
I was worried as I let Bobber out at 2 am Sat morn and she did not come when we called her last night. She popped up at 4:45 this am and is snoozing on the bed. Grizzly and Ox are in the garage laying on the floor-Bakker sprawled out in the hallway. This weather is getting to them to.
A slight chnce of rain tonite but the hot temps continue!!
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Hi All! It's hot here again too! The bank sign said 102. YIKES! that's hot! I got off work at 4 and came home to find honey had taken out the trash, made the bed(something he NEVER does) and did the dishes. I think the heat got to him when he played disc golf yesterday! He's been inside all day today so I can't blame it on the heat today. (unless he's an alien? ya think?)
I'm tired of working too! I need a day off. This heat is terrible and in a restaurant, it's suffocating. (even with the A/C on). Next week, I get to work 6 days, because our boss is leaving us to go to another store. Thanks boss!

Have a great night everyone! Try and stay cool, Drink lots of water!
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I AM DRINKING A 1 LITER BOTTLE OF WATER!!! it is so hot here!!!
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