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looking to adopt a sphynx

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Hello! My boyfriend and I are looking to get another cat and my boyfriend and I came across sphynx cats or hairless cats and we fell in love. Now we are trying to go about finding one that we can afford something under or like 900$ if possible. I figured hey im in a cat club online let me post to see if anyone has or can point me in the right direction to adopting one. So if any one knows please let me know!!!!! Thanks!!!!!
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Try looking at CFA (Cat Fanciers Assoc) Breeder Referrel - they list purebreds that are mainly retired show cats from the breeders. They usually charge a nominal fee and shipping - the cats are also neutered/spayed too.
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are they adult cats?
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Yes - usually a year or 2 old. Do you have to have a kitten? If so, you would also have the info of the breeder to be put on their waiting list if you don't like the one they have offered.

But again, you'd be paying a high price for the kitten.
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Try this website:


They have lists of breeders by state and breed.
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Hello and congrats on your decision to adopt a Sphynx! My family and I are proudly owed by six of these hairless wonders!!

As far a finding a kitten, just make sure you check out the breeder. Ask them for a vet reference, ask if they scan their cats for HCM and also if there is a health guarantee. I also personally believe that finding a breeder that shows their cats is a smart thing to do. I personally do not breed, but I do show my cats in CFA and you can meet some wonderful breeders at the shows. Here is the CFA Cat Show Schedule http://www.cfainc.org/exhibitors/show-schedule.html. Maybe there is one in your area.

As far as the price you are looking to spend, most breeders charge $1100-$1200 for a kitten. I know that is a lot of money and sure you may find a breeder that will give you a kitten for $900, but if it ends up being sick or having medical problems you will pay more in the end.

I will PM you websites of breeders I have personally met and also a few Sphynx Forums.
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You should look into Sphynx Rescues.
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There are a few Sphynx Rescues out there and also a Purebred Cat Rescue. They normally do not have a lot of Sphynx, let alone a Sphynx Kitten but it is worth a try.

Here are a few links: http://www.sphynxrescue.com/availablesphynx.html http://members.tripod.com/~brooken/rescue.html and the purebred Cat Rescue link is http://www.purebredcatrescue.org/pur...on/default.asp

Lisa Bressler runs the Northeast Region Sphynx Rescue and her email address is rinkurl@cloud9.net
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