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My treasure cat

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When I moved into this house, I was given only one key, and it fit the door locks only, there was no key for the deadbolts. So, I was somewhat paranoid about things until I finally replaced all the locks about a week later, which included hiding money and small valuables when I left the house for any length of time.

Just a few minutes ago, Mischief Mistoffolees was in a 'hell bent for re-election', reckless chase of a housefly that got in somehow, and he knocked one of my oil lanterns off the shelf. (A reproduction, cost about $9 I think). The globe was broken and the chimney all bent up......but the $420 that was hidden in the chimney was lying on the floor. I was spending so much getting the house set up that I suppose that I thought that I had spent it.

Hey, I can afford another lantern!!
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Cool! Maybe Mischief was trying to tell you it was there, not just being naughty and breaking your stuff.
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That must have been a nice surprise then I think i could suffer a broken $9 lamp to find so much more hidden inside

I think Mischief deserve a big hug for that
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Wish that happened around here! when Pushy knocked off my cactus while chasing a fly, all I got was dirt everywhere and an ouchy prickle.

I definetly think some of the treasure should be earmarked for cat treats!
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What a good boy! Are you going to spend at least part of that on the tribe?
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What a great surprise! Mischief is such a good little boy for bringing it to your attention!
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Mischief deserves some cat treats as a reward alright! BTW, i hope the fly was caught, too!
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Um, want to donate to my fav charity? ME?
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