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Vaccinations and Boosters

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I was reading another post where someone mentioned vaccinations. I was wondering everyone's thoughts on vaccinations and boosters.

My cat Isabel, whom I adopted at age two back in January, is, as far as I know, not vaccinated or boostered. I have a new kitten now as well who was boostered once in the shelter but I have not yet taken her for the two following boosters.

I'm really trying to decide if I should take them for the boosters or not. They are indoor cats and will remain indoor cats.

I do not believe in vaccinating children until after they reach the age of two so, I am feeling inclined to behave the same way with my cats.
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The vaccine manufacturer recommend that you vaccinate every year. The Feline distemper vaccine can be updated every 1 to 2 to 3 years depending on your vet's recommendations after the cat has had a couple distemper vaccines. I vaccinate my cats every year even though they do not go outside just because I work around a lot of sick cats and I'd hate to bring something home.

The rabies vaccine is to be updated by state law. Massachusetts allows a one year vaccine when the animal is younger and if the vaccine is updated within a year that vaccine is good for 3 years.

Feline Leukemia vaccine should be updated yearly ONLY if the cat goes outside or has contact with cats that go outside.
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My vet recommended that I do get Ivo regularly vaccinated, even though she is an indoors cat. She gets the rabies vaccine, which is required by law. She has also gotten an intra-nasal (can't remember what it is at the moment) vaccination. Some of the others, we aren't getting. Also, I'm on a 3 year plan for the vaccines. Sorry I can't help more, but your vet should be able to recommend what your cat will need, depending if its outdoors or indoors. Also, I do have contact with my friend's cats, so I want Ivo to be protected against what I may accidentally bring home.
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Vets here say different things. I am in Canada and as far as I know nothing is required by law. The shelter where I bought the cat the vet is a rather hostile person and sounds almost threatening about vaccinations. When I brought my older cat back there for spaying (as required for the adoption) they threatened not to treat my cat in the future if I didn't vaccinate her regularly. The vet I go to for everything else recommends getting the boosters and one other that they get at a year or something like that if they are indoor cats. If outdoor they recommend everything. But they don't make a fuss if you don't get them.

Right now I am thinking of taking my older cat in for her shot but waiting for several months for the other one.
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I would not hesitate in getting my cats vaccinated. My 9 week old male is having his first set next Tuesday. Its very important to a cats health, and her life.

I think you were talking about my post, where I mentioned my friends sick cat, who has never had an injection. Thats her desision im afraid, although I dont agree with it.

It may be expensive, but its so worth it in the end.


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