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My Furry Shadow

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I just moved to a new house and brought two of the kittens with me, House and Piper, the rest are at my vets office awaiting spay/neuter.

They are doing so well, they adjusted so fast and are so well behaved that i cant believe they are only 10 weeks old.

One problem though is Piper. It all started yesterday. She was sleeping in front of me, opened her eyes and started meowing and wouldnt stop, it is a longer louder meow then normal, like she wants something, she will do this and jump on me and knead at me and meow like crazy. If i get up she runs around to follow me and meow at me and wont stop.

After about 10-15 minutes she stops.

I thought maybe she was hungry so i gave her some wet food, but she is still doing it.

Each time she has done it House has been sleeping somewhere, maybe she is lonely?

Maybe she just wants some lovin? I just dont want to encourage the meowing, what can i do to stop it.

She just tried nursing on my shirt, maybe its the weaning? But all the kittens have been weaned for over a week now. why would she start doing this all of a sudden.0

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ok she seriously wont leave me alone, she follows me and keeps jumping on me, kneading me and screeching. I cant get her to stop, i cant do anything, i had to trick her so i could type this message.

It wouldnt be bad if i could get away, but she wont leave me alone! Help!
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She is probably just in need of comfort. All the new things in her life, new house, some kittens gone, have her little world turned upside down. She is still a baby, and you are her mommy, so she turns to you for the comfort and reassurance she needs.
I have had adult cats become really needy after a move, or some big change in their lives. They were fine after adjusting to their new surroundings, and I bet your little one will be, too. I know it can get on your last good little nerve, but please be patient with her. Maybe you could distract her with a favorite toy or treat when she gets too wound up. Good luck, I hope this stops before she wears your nerves down too badly!
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Well, you've just moved; so naturally she has no idea what's going on and what to do about it. She probably feels like you would if someone had suddenly teleported you to the Moon!

Indulging her mightn't be such a horrible idea, for a short time only... you could carry her around, baby-fashion, in a sling so your hands are free.

Don't let her get in the habit of this though--she needs to explore and be secure in her new place.
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